Guide To Buying Curtains For Your New Bungalow

Curtain Library Guide To Buying Curtains For Your New Bungalow

To do it yourself, or to engage an interior designer? Why not both? Here are the answers to some of the questions you might have.

So you’ve finally achieved your dreams of owning a bungalow, and you are excited in embarking on the journey of beautifying your new home! As you may already know, great-looking curtains can easily up the ante of the indoor environment – and you most likely have already visualised the end result of your bungalow’s interior. Whether or not you want to select the curtains yourself, have an interior designer do it, or both – here are five (5) things to know before you get going.

1. Choosing colours and fabric that aligns with your interior designer’s theme.

If you plan to engage an interior designer for your bungalow, they will most likely already have a few design directions in mind. During the planning stages, our team at Curtain Library will be working closely with the designer to pick the right fabric and colour that fits the theme. 

Why is this important? Well, there are times when the interior designer’s initial plans for curtain installation are not achievable due to the limitation of the space and structure of the building. To avoid costly mistakes, you and your designer are encouraged to speak with curtain installation experts like us as we are familiar with the technical aspects of the projects as well. Furthermore, we have worked with many interior design firms in Klang Valley and have experience in troubleshooting designs for the client’s best interest.

Curtain Library Working Closely With Your Interior Designer

Get your interior designer to work closely with us to avoid costly mistakes!

2.  Designing the interiors yourself? Choose the colour and fabric yourself!

Curtain Library has more than 3,000 fabric types and colour choices in our showroom, so you don’t have to worry about a lack of options. Before you walk into the curtain showrooms, you may want to take a few photos or videos of your bungalow’s interiors, as well as make a list of the number of windows or doors and their dimensions. If you want full-height curtains, consider measuring the height of your wall, from the floor to the ceiling. 

Our designers will listen and understand your requirements and the kind of design and mood you’re going for. Then we will present you with a range of fabrics and colours that fit your requirement. 

Curtain Library Visit Our Showroom To Choose Over 3000 Fabric Types

Visit our showroom to see, feel, and select the fabric design of your choice to beautify your bungalow interior.

3. Plaster ceiling reinforcement for bungalows under renovation.

One of the biggest factors in the planning for concealed curtain tracks is the ability of plaster ceilings to hold the weight of the tracks. Thus, the tried and trusted method of ensuring the success of such projects is by having contractors install a heavy-duty plywood reinforcement plank inside the plaster ceiling which will later serve as the mounting platform for the curtain tracks.

Our on-site team will usually meet up with your appointed contractor to advise them on the additional structures that are needed to support various curtain tracks and curtain weights. If your bungalow is still in the process of renovation, it’s probably not too late to engage us to have a look!

Contact Curtain Library For A Free Technical Spec Sheet

Get our team of experts to inspect your plaster ceiling before installing new curtains.

Check out the curtain installation process at Chef Zam’s new bungalow.

4. To use or not to use motorised curtains? 

For smaller homes or condominiums with just a few windows that are under 2 meters wide, the occupants will do fine with regular curtain tracks or even blinds. However, for any window or sliding glass door that requires one to draw the curtains by walking from one end to another, you are most certainly to reap the benefits of motorised curtains.

Bungalow windows are usually much wider – some of them which are tall or installed with double-volume windows. We have always advised our customers who are bungalow owners to upgrade to motorised curtains for easy maintenance and control.

Our team will work closely with the electrician in determining where electrical plug points should be installed; usually near the curtain tracks. Otherwise, we also offer the option of battery-powered curtain tracks.

Upgrade to motorised curtains for a modern and luxurious touch for your bungalow, fully equipped with tailor-made curtain designs.

Curtain Library Upgrade Your Bungalow Curtains To Smart Curtain

Looking for motorised curtains for your bungalow? Read more:
4 Good Reasons To Upgrade Your Bungalow With Smart Motorised Curtains

5. Pairing curtains with blinds.

One of our frequently asked questions is ‘do curtains and blinds work together?’ The short answer is ‘yes’. A curtain-with-blinds combination is a flexible and practical décor that ensures adequate light blocking and privacy control, but getting them to look just right is slightly trickier.

There are some style guidelines to follow when matching curtains and blinds together. For starters, it’s best to decide on the type of blinds you want for the room.

Curtain Library Blinds Collection

The common styles are roller blinds and Venetian blinds as these choices pair well with the curtains on top of providing a basic, solid colour to work with.

Curtain Library Icon Residency

The Icon Residence in Mont Kiara is one of our projects in which we paired curtains with blinds.

6. Sheer curtains for windows that face scenic views or swimming pools.

Sheer curtains are a great way to make the most of the natural light entering your space. The effects from sheer curtains create a bright, soft, outdoorsy feeling, whilst maintaining that much-needed privacy and protection against outdoor bugs and dust. Using sheer curtains on your windows allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside while keeping outsiders from peering into your interior directly.

This is a great example of how double sheer curtains amp up the interior design while maximising the use of natural lighting inside a space.

Curtain Library The Glades

The Glades in Putra Heights is one of our projects in which we have installed sheer curtains on windows facing scenic views.


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