Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Giving Back to The Community

At our core, Curtain Library has always pride ourselves as a value-based business. These values are translated through the quality of products and works, as well as our sincerity in giving back to our society in which we operate in. Through our CSR programs, we strive to bring a positive impact through our initiatives in both big and small ways – all for the greater good of people and the environment.

Curtain Library's CSR Project with SK Seri Mega

Our CSR Story with SK Seri Mega

A group of teachers from Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Mega was looking to replace the curtains in the staffroom and classrooms. When they approached us for this project, we immediately saw a CSR opportunity to give back to the community by improving the students’ learning environment.

The teachers were looking for modern, elegant curtains that brighten up the room, to which we gladly delivered, fulfilling the school’s wish for a cozier environment for staffs and students. The teachers and school board were highly satisfied with our offer.

Give Your Curtains A Second Life

Let Curtain Library repurpose your old curtains to help those in need.

Give Your Old Curtains A Second Life by Donating to Curtain Library REPURPOSE Program

Did you know that synthetic fabrics can take between 20 to 200 years to decompose, depending on their structure and composition? Every day, an astounding amount of 2 million kilogrammes of unwanted textiles are thrown into dump sites, when in fact, almost 95 percent of unwanted fabric can actually be recycled and given to those in need!

The RE.PURPOSE Program is an initiative by Curtain Library that helps you repurpose your old curtains by keeping them out of the landfill, and giving them to help those in need. The initiative was previously an exclusive privilege to large scale businesses such as hotels and bungalow owners, but together with a strong network of non-governmental, non-profit, and community organisations, the initiative is now open for every Malaysian who is interested in helping us turn old curtains into new ones to be redistributed to schools, hospitals, hostels, and more! Your donation can make a huge difference– join today, to help their tomorrow.

Curtain Library Repurpose Program Helps Reduce the Amount of Textiles That End Up in Landfills
Donate, Reuse and Reduce with Curtain Library RE.PURPOSE Program for Old Curtains

How It Works

Here’s how you can help close the loop and be a part of this initiative where we are dedicated to help you, help others.


Old curtains will be sent over to our showroom or picked up from your homes upon request. The process is quick and straightforward– simply contact our Curtain Library representatives if you would like to schedule a pick up for your curtains.

Clean Up

Each curtain will then undergo a thorough cleaning and inspection by our team should there be a need for any repair works. This detailed process is performed to ensure that every curtain from the RE.PURPOSE program is up to standard before being redistributed.


Once the fabric has been properly cleaned up, Curtain Library's team of professional tailors will work on identifying the proper measurements, which will then be used for the repurposing process to accurately fit the windows of their new homes.


Curtain Library works closely with a trusted network of organisations that will assist in identifying the families or communities in need of new curtains and sending out these repurposed curtains to them to be reused and saved from the landfill.

Approximately 2 Million Kilograms of Textiles Are Thrown Away Every Day

Why Dump It When You Can Donate It?

Our actions can always make a difference– whether it is by spreading the word, or donating old curtains to be repurposed. What we do for others today, can change all of our tomorrows for the better. We would like to thank every single one of you for displaying your support to this initiative. Thank you for not letting your old curtains go to waste, and for standing with us in our efforts to make this world a better place for those in need.

Join Us in Our Mission

Interested in making a positive impact to your community and the environment in a sustainable way? Contact us today to learn how to get started.