Why Are Other Curtain Suppliers Selling At Such Low Prices

The question we get asked the most – here are the 4 reasons why other curtain shops can lower their prices to such extent. 

In Klang valley area alone, you can easily find more than 200 curtain suppliers scattered around the city and suburbs, but not all of them have the same to offer. Some of the shops are direct suppliers of imported ready-made curtains, some of them offer tailoring services, and some of them may be boutique shops. While it is understandable that the price range varies according to the quality and services offered, the extreme gap between prices may confuse customers who eventually asked us “why are other curtain suppliers so cheap?”

So here are 4 straightforward reasons why you may have encountered “unbelievably cheap” curtain suppliers.

1. False Advertising

A common tactic used in the home decor industry to bait inquiries from inexperienced buyers, shops who use this method tend to gain a large number of interested potential customers quickly – only to repel them once the hidden charges and terms are revealed at the end.  

The customers who entertain these tactics always end up paying more than what was advertised, and rarely get satisfactory quality either due to limited stocks, wrong measurements, or just overall cheap materials. 

One would only know what the supplier is truly offering after the curtain installation is completed – which is a bit too late, but thankfully is still reversible. Thus, it is always important to do a background research before committing to a supplier. 

2. Poor Aftersales Service

Initially, you may find that the salesperson or suppliers is enthusiastic towards you during the process of planning and purchasing of the cheap curtain. However, after successfully closing your sale, it is not uncommon for the suppliers to no longer pay you as much attention as before due to various reasons. After installation, untrained workers may not bother checking to make sure the curtains, tracks, and accessories are not dirtied or damaged.

In the curtain industry, it is critical for businesses to follow-up on the condition of the curtains and surroundings after the installation – ensuring that no dust or debris is left on the floor after renovation works. Responsible curtain suppliers are expected to offer a thorough clean-up after completing the project, no matter how minimal the mess is. Not only will this show courtesy and respect towards the customers, this also reflects on the suppliers’ professionalism towards their job.

3. Questionable Product Quality

Fabrics come in many grades. Sometimes, these cheap quality curtains are used as an underhanded technique to upsell the more expensive curtains in the shop. However, curtain suppliers who are competing in price wars are often the ones offering products made from cheaper materials to increase profit margins. 

These suppliers source their curtain materials from factories that manufacture low quality fabric with lower thread counts in massive quantities, and are thus less durable and deteriorate quickly. These fabrics often get made into pre-made curtains that are very cheap but compromise on durability, quality and detailed finishings that a tailor-made curtain can offer. Another product that these suppliers often skimp on in terms of quality is the curtain track – which easily bends or breaks under pressure.

These products appeal to home renters who prioritise saving money over comfort and aesthetics, as they may only need curtains for temporary usage.

4. Old Stock Clearance

It is a common practice for curtain shops to get rid of old and dated curtain designs with limited choices by selling them at a discount. Having recovered from the pandemic, it is not surprising to see some curtain suppliers offering leftover curtain stocks that have been sitting in the warehouse for months or even years at a cheap price. To minimise loss, they sell these curtains at a massive price cut or through a very attractive package. 

While this sounds like a good deal for the not-so-fussy homeowners, bear in mind that these curtains may have yellowing or discoloration patches on the fabric due to oxidation for being kept in storage for too long.

With Curtain Library, you do not have to worry about the aforementioned risks and concerns.

Rest assured that at Curtain Library, our objective is to deliver only the best products and services to our customers. After all, we have a 18-year strong track record to maintain!  

At Curtain Library, our professionals do not shy away from labor-intensive design or installation works, as long as the outcome is beautiful to the eye, and easy to maintain for the homeowner. With thousands of man-hours and years of cumulative experience invested in the passion of curtain-making, we have arrived at one of our greatest milestones of creating customized curtains from our award-winning Helsinki Collection fabrics. 

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