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“I don’t know where I’ll be in 5 years.”

Being a perfectionist is a double-edged sword. Your impeccable ability to deliver results above expectations also often causes you to doubt your potential, feel lost in the face of multiple rejections or perceived failures, and think that life is meaningless when events do not go according to your plans – especially when you discover that there is no room for career advancement or recognition in your creativity or project management abilities. You begin to ask yourself, “do dream jobs really exist?”

“I’m afraid of never achieving financial stability.”

Can you really find a dream job that gives you both work hard play hard and financial stability? Property and vehicle purchases have become the basic requirements of sustaining life in the city. Unfortunately, there are many people who still cannot afford a home or their own car after many years of employment. You begin to ask yourself, “Will I become part of that statistic?”

Turn Your Troubles Into Tools:
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Career Path Mapping

At Curtain Library, we equip our talents with various skills and guide them in navigating their career path in the curtain industry. During the probation period, employees will master 4 key knowledge in curtain sales, product, service, and industry. Upon successful completion of the probation period, our management will work with the employee to plan the employee’s career path, set career goals, and strategise on how to achieve them.

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Educational Career Moments in Curtain Library

Nature of Work

We understand that rigid rules and regulations can hamper growth and limit critical thinking potential. Thus, our company culture is centered around flexibility, trusting that each employee has the discipline and accountability in developing their own skills and managing their own timeline. This level of trust between management and employees fosters a welcoming environment that will in turn encourage individuals to deliver extraordinary work quality that reflects their passion and commitment.

Educational Career Moments in Curtain Library

Talent Cultivation

Not every individual is competitive, but it is crucial to possess skills to stay in the race and not get left behind. Every industry is faced with intense rivalry among competitors, and the curtain industry also has its fair share of competition. At Curtain Library, we equip every employee with the skills necessary to easily beat competitors to secure our position as No.1.

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Ready to become the best at what you do?

We are ever ready to support and guide our new recruits on their newfound journey towards a professional career, as long as you have a goal in mind on the type of impact you want to achieve for yourself and the world around you, and how you wish to achieve it by working at Curtain Library.

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