Elevate Your Home with Innovative Memory Curtains from Curtain Library

Elevate Your Home with Innovative Memory Curtains From Curtain Library

Our memory curtains leverage Japanese technology to maintain their pristine S-wave shape, wash after wash, without a single wrinkle. Here’s how it works.

What is a memory curtain?

Imagine owning curtains that maintain their pristine shape no matter how many washes they’ve undergone, without any wrinkles.

That’s the magic of memory curtains. 

With Curtain Library’s unique treatment process, curtains can finally retain their elegant S-fold shape throughout the years, saving homeowners from the hassle of constant maintenance. Our Japanese technology has made these tedious maintenance routines obsolete, making it effortless to maintain the stylishness of memory curtains.

This curtain has a crisp and elegant S-fold shape after undergone a memory treatment.

How does memory treatment work? 

Memory treatment is a simple yet effective process that involves shaping the curtains at high temperatures to create the desired wave effect. It is non-toxic, does not use harmful chemicals, and keeps your curtains low-maintenance over a long period – think of it as a sophisticated iron for curtain fabrics, but to maintain S-shape waves.

What sets our Memory Curtains apart?

Are memory curtains all the same in the market? What makes Curtain Library’s Memory Curtains stand out from all the other options? Our Memory Curtains are made possible with Curtain Library’s in-house machinery, made and developed from Japanese technology to ensure top-notch treatment quality and delivery without any compromises. 

Memory curtains can improve your home decor by providing a stylish yet neat & symmetrical look.

Which fabrics work best with memory treatment?

When it comes down to choosing the perfect fabric for your memory curtains, polyester is the clear winner. Not only is it durable and easy to care for, but it also holds the memory treatment exceptionally well, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality. While natural fabrics like cotton or linen may have their charm, they may not receive memory treatment as well as polyester due to their tendency to shrink or lose shape. So, we highly recommend that you stick with polyester for the best results and enjoy curtains that look as good as new for years to come.

Polyester fabrics are the best choice for memory treatments due to its ability to retain its shape, while cotton & linen fabrics are less ideal for memory treatment.

Which curtain options are suitable for memory curtains?

There are two things to consider when selecting the perfect design for your memory curtains; the height of the curtains and their pleat style. Memory curtains are really elegant and durable at a glance and thus are suitable with most curtain sizes as long as they are within the maximum height of 130 inches. However, this also means that memory treatment may not be suitable for double-volume windows. 

In terms of pleat designs, memory curtains are tailored to the classic double pleats style, enhancing its existing charm. So, whether you’re looking at dressing up a standard window or simply adding sophistication to your living room, memory curtains are guaranteed to work especially wonderfully if they are classic double pleats.

It is important to follow the recommended guide to ensure the curtains undergone the memory curtain treatment looks stylish, elegant and neat.

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