The New Heavy-Duty Smooth & Silent WESO Curtain Tracks

Curtain Library The New Heavy Duty WESO Track

Simple, durable, and stylish curtain tracks that support most curtain header styles.

Planning for Ripple-fold curtains and want to see what’s a suitable curtain track for home, office, or business? After much research and redesigning, we’ve come up with two improved versatile curtain tracks that can support most header styles, on top of Ripple-fold curtains!

Introducing Curtain Library’s WESO Silent Curtain Tracks and WESO Heavy-Duty Bendable Curtain Tracks.

Curtain Library The New Heavy Duty WESO Track

Sturdy, simple, and durable curtain tracks for homes, offices, businesses, guest rooms, and more. 

What kind of pleats would make a good match for your WESO curtain track? Hear it from managing director, Benson Ng. Check out more curtain tips on our Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram.

1. Curtain tracks that are suitable for most curtain header styles and pleat designs.

Curtain Library's New WESO Curtain Track Features

When it comes to providing homeowners the best curtain tracks, our Research and Design team took special considerations into the potential needs of our customers.

We want to introduce two new versatile curtain tracks that allow homeowners to swap between many curtain header types and pleating styles as they please. Hence, we present Curtain Library’s WESO Silent Curtain Tracks and WESO Heavy-Duty Bendable Curtain Tracks.

Our new curtain tracks allow you to swap between single, double, and French pleat curtains, as well as Ripple-fold curtains without having to order new tracks with each new curtain you plan to have.

Curtain Library's Guide to Curtain Tracks & Rods

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A Guide to Curtain Library’s Curtain Tracks and Rods

2. Smoother pulling tracks with better inner lining for reduced roller sounds.

When it comes to silent pulling, it’s all about how the rollers move within the curtain tracks. Curtain Library’s new WESO Curtain Tracks come with smoother & quieter pulling curtain tracks thanks to our enhanced inner track liners. They allow the rollers to glide side to side smoothly between the tracks. The new curtain tracks also come with a cover to prevent dust from accumulating in them.

For our tracks, heavier curtains are able to weigh down and keep the rollers close to the lining, encouraging a smoother motion.

We should also add that the length of your tracks don’t affect their dampened sounds either! We use a modular design that allows long tracks to be transported in sections and then assembled on-site. This is to ensure our products don’t get damaged along the way. 

The special joiners used to put each section together are made to match up exactly when installed. They are able to do so while still ensuring smooth pulling along the whole track. 

3. Secured curtain tracks that don’t break easily with anti-stuck rollers that withstand over 10,000 pulling motions. 

Curtain Library's New and Improved WESO Track Design

With our new track design that features rollers on the underside of the track, it prevents dust or debris from getting stuck in the track over time.

Our new WESO curtain tracks have also been upgraded to a covered track design that securely holds rollers to keep them from getting loose when tugged. This prevents rollers from popping out because of wear-and-tear as the rollers are held in place even if a person accidentally tugs too hard on them. 

4. Longer-lasting curtain tracks thanks to steel end caps and powder-coated finishings. 

Curtain Library's Easy-to use Clip-on Curtain Header Styles

Curtain tracks that allow you to just clip on your curtains onto their roller. This feature is specifically designed for Ripple-fold (aka. S-fold) curtains but you can also use it to hold the headers of your regular curtains too.

The zen beauty of Ripple-fold curtains is in the way it is hung. They are designed to hang from the tracks with deep waves. This is done without pleating the fabric, so these waves are created by folding and hanging the curtain fabric at one edge. We’ve made it easier for homeowners by using a heavy-duty and secure clip-in button.

5. Longer-lasting curtain tracks thanks to steel end caps and powder-coated finishings.

Curtain Library The New Heavy Duty WESO Track

Professional-looking, strong steel end-caps to hold your curtain tracks together for longer.

If you want to keep sturdy curtain tracks, it’s good to look for ones with strong end caps. Steel end caps are better than the plastic ones used in ready-made curtain tracks as they have a tighter grip. Unlike these plastic caps, steel end caps don’t break down after being under the sun’s UV light on a hot day.

WESO Silent Curtain Tracks and WESO Heavy-Duty Bendable Curtain Tracks also come with an aluminum powder coating to protect the tracks from wear-and-tear damage over time. Not only does the coating protect your tracks from scratches, but they also prevent them from rusting after exposure to humid air.

Curtain Library's Curtain Installation Procedure

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Curtain Library’s Curtain Installation Procedure

6. Easy-to-install clip-on curtain mounts that can hold up to 50KG of curtain material.

Clip-on curtain mounts with an extra strength grip to hold your curtain tracks in place, no matter how heavy your fabric may be.

If you’re planning for double volume curtains or have heavy curtain sets, get curtain tracks that are able to support the weight of the curtain material. As they will be held in place on the wall throughout the day, you want tracks that are mounted securely.

Rest assured, Curtain Library’s new WESO Curtain Tracks are built to hold curtains that are as heavy as 50KG, thanks to their sturdy clip-on wall mounts. Our clip-on mounts are made easy to secure into the wall or ceiling without too much hassle. That way, you get a speedy installation that still guarantees sturdier curtains. 

7. Customisable curtain tracks that are bendable to fit the shape of your windows.

If your space requires bendable tracks, we recommend using the WESO Heavy-Duty Bendable Curtain Tracks as it allows the tracks to be customised according to the shape of your windows. This is especially helpful for homes with uncommon window frames.

While not a completely silent track, our bendable tracks still provide homeowners with a noiseless pulling experience without the squeaky sound you get from some ready-made tracks.

When it comes to planning for a new curtain set, we know the best materials your home needs.

After working with so many world-class hotels, condos, showrooms, and businesses, Curtain Library knows the best components to introduce into the home. Our team helps homeowners think ahead of what features will help maximise their comfort at home, as well as increase the lifespan of their curtains. 

Want a one-on-one consultation on planning ahead for your new curtains? Chat with our team via WhatsApp (+6019-225 3055) or email us your enquiries at You don’t have to visit our showroom for a simple consultation on the matter.

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