5 Reasons Why Curtain Library is The Best Curtain Provider

Curtain Library Is The Best Curtain Provider

When it comes to custom curtains, Curtain Library knows what’s best for our customers.

Every homeowner needs to know that the key to finding the perfect curtains for your home is in choosing the best curtain provider. A good team is able to balance your unique taste with what there is to offer to help you come up with the right curtain design that fits your needs. Luckily for you, as one of Malaysia’s homegrown experts, Curtain Library is the place to get the best stylish and elegant curtains!

Here’s why curtain Library is the best place to buy your curtains.

1. Curtain Library is an award-winning team of curtain experts.

Curtain Library’s excellence in maintaining a professional and timely service to all our clients have awarded us with numerous awards. Some of our proudest achievements are being the winners of 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs Award,  Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards and the Golden Eagle Award back in 2018.

From our humble beginnings as small-town curtain makers, we’ve risen to be one of the most trusted curtain provider in the hospitality industry. So much so that back in 2018, we won 3 awards for how well we’ve been doing! This big milestone is very much thanks to our teamwork behind the scenes to always make sure all our projects are delivered with only the best craftsmanship our industry has to offer.

It’s also safe to say that we know how to manage our projects, no matter the size. Some of our projects have called for bulk orders of hotel-grade blackout-with-sheer curtain sets to be made for over 100 guest rooms at a time, sending our team into full focus. You can see some of our best works on our projects page.

2. Curtain Library’s team of curtain makers know how to make curtains the right way.

After over 16 years and counting of serving internationally acclaimed designers and hotels, our team knows exactly what makes a house become a home. Curtain Library has been able to deliver quality craftsmanship to our clients within the project time, with quality materials that last long. 

At Curtain Library, we take pride in being the best curtain provider in Malaysia. This is all from the efforts of expert curtain makers dedicated to lifelong learning and perfecting their craft. From our measurers to our seamstress, we meticulously work on the finer details of all our projects and don’t take shortcuts in our handiwork.

Some of our best projects had pushed our designers and tailors out of their comfort zones and worked out something new, functional, or aesthetically pleasing for our clients. One of our best practices is to enforce the use of the pattern repeat joining technique to make sure that the curtains remain seamless. It’s small details like these that make a curtain last long with little to no tears over time.

3. Curtain Library gives you our full attention during showroom or at-home consultations no matter the size of your project.

In our one-to-one session, we pair you up with our experienced consultant to work through the entire curtain making process. We do this because we thoroughly enjoy the process of planning and making curtains whether it is for homeowners, designers, or even business owners. Each type of customer brings new ideas and new plans to the table that we eagerly want to explore.

We handle all the aspects of curtain making, from the logistics of planning for the project timeline to sourcing quality fabric to tailoring to on-site installation. All you need to do is tell us what you want and when you want them. 

If you prefer an online consultation, simply WhatsApp us during our business hours (Mon – Fri 8.30 a.m – 6.00 p.m, Saturday 8.30 a.m – 5.00 p.m, Sunday 10.00 a.m – 5 p.m). Keep reading to find out all our contact information at the end of the article.

Curtain Library Customer Care

Customers are most welcomed to our showroom for a free consultation. Our consultants are experts in what they do and eager to guide you through the curtain customisation process.

Curtain Library Custom Made Curtain Order Guide

Here’s what to expect when placing an order for custom curtains with us.
What Happens After I Place A Custom-Made Curtain Order?

4. Curtain Library delivers top-notch, stylish, and elegant curtains that suit our customer’s preferences.

As the best curtain provider, we not only guarantee timely deliveries, we also provide a wide range of fabric colours, patterns, and textures. Our showroom is home to over 3,000 fabric choices for our customers to pick and choose from.

However, when we work with homeowners, we present our choices through specially curated collections that allow you to choose based on the atmosphere and look you want. During this consultation phase, we use it as an opportunity to educate our customers on how to plan their curtains to match their rooms’ furniture and wall colours.

Curtain Library's Helsinki Collection Awarded with Silver Award by MIIP Helsinki Collection By Curtain Library Helsinki Collection By Curtain Library Helsinki Collection By Curtain Library Helsinki Collection By Curtain Library Helsinki Collection By Curtain Library Helsinki Collection By Curtain Library

Curtain Library’s experts know exactly what your home needs to make it look classy and stylish.

Some of our available collections to everyday homeowners are the Travis Collection and Helsinki Collection. If you are looking for hotel-grade high-quality dimout curtains, we recommend browsing through the hotel-grade Travis collection. To explore a wider range of high-end dimout curtains, try out the new dual-tone curtain trend with our Helsinki Collection!

Our Helsinki Collection has won the Silver Award by the Malaysian Interior Industry Partners Award (MIIP) 2022! We are honoured to receive this acknowledgement for the outstanding fabric quality of Curtain Library’s Helsinki Collection – one of our best-selling curtains and also a top choice among many renowned clients like Jimmy Choo.

5. Curtain Library’s on-site team follows a strict SOP when entering your home.

Our on-site teams follow proper endemic SOP’s when entering your home. From keeping our face covered during visits to using hand sanitizers, to making sure all our members are fully vaccinated.

We take special precautions when entering the homes of our customers. In compliance with Malaysia’s COVID-19 recovery procedures, we make sure all our team members are fully vaccinated and trained to enter the home without putting customers at risk.

Our teams are sent out with proper face masks, uniforms, and on-site tools. We make sure our team keeps themselves properly sanitised and temperature-checked before entering the home.

Aside from our strict hygiene practices, we also pay special care in how we set up our work area to protect the home’s floors, walls, and furniture. Once we’re done with our service, we give the space a thorough cleaning before making a move. We also take the opportunity to teach homeowners a few ways they can gather and hang their curtains at the end of our service. 

Curtain Library's Curtain Installation Procedure

What are Curtain Library’s on-site installation procedures? Learn more about the steps we take to ensure a quality service.
Curtain Library’s Curtain Installation Procedure

Still not sure? Here’s what our customers have to say about our 5-Star service.

If you are a new homeowner or just a person looking for some nice new curtain sets for your home, you have stumbled on the best curtain provider. We have got a proven track record of giving all our past customers and clients a professional service for stylish, expertly tailored curtains. From timely services to high-quality curtain fabric, to curtain tracks and accessories that last, we give all our customers the best curtain customisation experience.

Want a one-on-one consultation on planning ahead for your new curtains? Chat with our team via WhatsApp (+6019-225 3055) or email us your enquiries at enquiries@curtainlibrary.com. You don’t have to visit our showroom for a simple consultation on the matter.

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