A Guide to Curtain Library’s Curtain Tracks and Rods

Curtain Library's Guide to Curtain Tracks & Rods

Some tips and pointers to help you pick the right curtain system for your home.

Customising your curtain set doesn’t end at just fabric selection alone. You’ll need to pick the most suitable accessories and furniture to match the curtain as well. In fact, picking between a curtain track or rod system really determines how your curtains will hold up over time. To ensure a complete curtain set for any household, all of Curtain Library’s curtain sets also come with our versatile tracks, rods, or motorised curtains. 

Here’s a compilation of everything you need to know about choosing the best curtains to decorate a space – brought to you enthusiastically by managing director Benson Ng. Find us on Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram for more curtain-related content!

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In this article, we’ll look into Curtain Library’s line of heavy duty curtain tracks and decorative rods for homes. Our customisable systems are able to fit just about any window, entrance, or ceiling divider in terms of length, curve, and opening styles. In this article, we’ll be explaining more about what makes our systems special and how to pick the most suitable one for your curtains.

Curtain Library Types of Curtain Tracks

These are the types of curtain tracks and rods that Curtain Library provides for all our projects in homes, offices, or businesses.

1. WESO Powder Coated Straight Curtain Track, Curtain Library’s heavy-duty in-house tracks system.

Curtain Library WESO Powder Coated Straight Curtain Track

Let’s begin with our most basic model that comes with all our curtain sets. The WESO Powder Coated Straight Curtain Track is our own track system that’s able to carry thick and heavy curtains. We design and manufacture them to be industrial-grade aluminium tracks with 1.0-1.2mm thickness (conventional models in the market are made at only 0.6-0.8mm thickness) and are able to hold up to 50kg when mounted.  The ends have a special metal-plated nylon cap that further improves its long term durability. 

WESO Powder Coated Straight Curtain Tracks are customisable to fit the needs of your windows or rooms. Inspired by Japanese technology, our modular design allows long tracks to be transported in sections and then installed on-site with special joiners. Our joiners make the track sections match up exactly when installed and ensure smooth pulling along the whole track. Currently, the latest models of our straight tracks come with a white powder coating that protects them from wear and tear, is easy-to-clean, and prevents mould from growing over time. They’re a favourite feature for our bungalow or luxury condo homeowners that are looking for smooth-pulling curtains.

Our easy-to-install industrial-grade mount is designed to be versatile and durable enough to hold single or double tracks. Double ceiling tracks are the most common and top choice within Curtain Library’s clientele. This is because they can hold both sheer and blackout curtains, while still allowing you to individually open or close them as you wish.

2. Flexible Curved Tracks, bendable and customised to fit your space needs.

Curtain Library Flexible Curved Tracks

We also offer curved, L-shaped, and N-shaped tracks that can be adjusted to fit bay (a.k.a turret) windows or be used as room dividers. They are popular amongst retail outlets, dental clinics, and hospitals alike as they are slightly smaller than our straight tracks, while still being just as high-quality and durable. 

Despite its size, it still shares similar characteristics to our straight tracks. Our Flexible Curved Tracks are able to hold up curtains as heavy as 50kg while staying smooth pulling with anti-stuck rollers. They are also capped off with nylon caps to further keep the tracks durable.

3. Ripple-Fold Curtain Tracks

Curtain Library Ripple-Fold Curtain Tracks

Looking for a way to properly set up your Ripple-fold, a.k.a S-Fold, curtains?  Ripple-fold curtains use a special header style that hangs the curtains from the edge of their fabric, creating a deep curtain wave or fold that provides a warm and contemporary look to offices and hotel suites alike.

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To be able to retain this professional look, the hook system used is a little different from the classic curtain tracks, which is what the Ripple-Fold Curtain Tracks are designed to do. The string is used to keep an even and consistent space between the anti-stuck rollers. The way the curtains are spaced influences how neatly and deep the waves of the curtains fall. Because of the hooking system that pinches the edges of the curtains, the track is made to be slimmer. This means that they are able to fit into smaller or concealed spaces between windows and the ceiling and are most popular for double volume curtains or homes that don’t have much ceiling space.

4. Decorator Rods for a youthful but retro touch.

Curtain Library Decorator Rods

Decorator Rods have a dual function of holding up curtains, as well as providing a decorative feature to the room. They are able to complement your surrounding furniture as the decorative ends are quite prominent and noticeable. We carry a few variations of these ends to suit the style of the home. To add to that, they also come in a variety of materials, such as metal, stainless steels, and wood. Curtain rods are most suitable for tab top or eyelet curtains, as the design usually has the rod running through the curtains themselves or a series of rings that hold them up.

Curtain Library’s selection of decorative rods is made up of wooden or metal poles with decorative end pieces and rings. They are usually held up with supporting brackets. Our rings are designed with nylon inlays to reduce noise and resistance when gliding across the rod as you open and close the curtains.

Curtain Library Decorator Rod

Whether going for a rustic look with a traditional wooden pole or a modern contemporary style with a metal curtain pole, we have the right endings and rings to match your personal styles. What makes our rods special is in the nylon inlays found in our rings which reduce scraping noise and resistance on the rings for better protection from wear and tear.

Metal poles are a top choice amongst new homeowners as they come in a wide range of colours and finishes, from a slightly matted effect to a shiny glossy one. More modern homes opt for satin and chrome finishings, while those with more retro-inspired homes prefer our brass finishings.

Still, wooden rods have stood the test of time when it comes to giving the go-to rustic look. They are made of Ramin wood, which is a strong but light wood that is easy to be taken down or put back up. We provide a wide array of natural wood finishings that allow the beauty of the material to shine through. It’s a perfect finish for traditional wood-themed homes.

5. KIROV Motorised Curtains for the modern and future-forward homemaker.

Curtain Library Kirov Motorised Curtain Systems

Simplify and modernise your home with KIROV Motorised Curtains, the smart curtains that any future-forward homeowner needs. Our smart systems are so advanced that you can even schedule your curtains opened and closed by themselves- even if you’re not home! All with the command of your voice, tap on your smartphone, or the push of a button. This is done through the power of voice-automated assistants such as Alexa or Tuya Smart apps, built in WiFi, and an easy remote control.

As we are pioneers of modular motorised curtain tracks, our easy-to-install systems are assembled onto your wall or ceiling with a Motorised Rail-Lifting System (MRLS). The MRLS effortlessly lifts and lowers down the tracks using a powerful tubular motor that is able to reach heights of up to 20ft! This removes the need for ladders and scaffolding during the installation process while making the installation of heavy double volume curtains simple and straightforward.

We provide two types of motorised tracks, namely a power-operated track and a battery-operated track.

The power-operated KIROV Motorised Curtains is best suited for renovating or new homes, Curtain Library will work with your contractor to install the systems on your windows and make sure that a power source is near enough to connect with the motor. It comes with in-built WiFi capabilities and dry contact for you to connect to your smart home systems. The battery-operated KIROV Motorised Curtains, on the other hand, is powered by an external rectangular battery which is small enough to be placed in a hidden position. When it is time, the battery can be taken down for charging which takes about 4 hours for it to be fully charged and can last about 6 months on one full charge. Unlike the power-operated motorised curtain, energy will only be used when you open and close your curtains. This track system is best suited for homes that can’t get renovation work done. 

As with all our tracks, our motorised curtains can support the weight of double volume curtains that weigh close to 50kg! So much so that it wouldn’t create resistance or loud motor noises when gliding opened or closed. In our quality checks, we found that our system can handle over 10,000 opening and closing movements, meaning that the system is built to last! The system also comes with a Built-In Safety Mechanism that stops the movement of the curtains when it detects and an unusual increase in force needed to move the curtains to prevent damage to the motor, railing system, and curtains. 

“We aim to give homeowners and businesses alike the best quality tracks that are durable and long-lasting while at an affordable price. Our dedicated Research and Development team is to thank for constantly improving these parts.”

Benson Ng, Managing Director of Curtain Library

Curtain Library’s tracks are typically made up of 3 main components, the mount that gets screwed onto the ceiling or wall, the track that contains the rollers that are capped with nylon caps, and the specific curtain hooks that match your curtain’s header style. 

We’d also like to highlight other features of our system that makes them better than conventional models! After working with homeowners, business owners, and hotel personnel alike, we noticed that conventional tracks aren’t the most convenient for smaller households. Not only that, they aren’t able to withstand long-term use. To improve on this, all our tracks use nylon caps and mounts for better durability and easy instalment.

Nylon caps function to hold the tracks together and are in direct exposure to heat and sunlight the most. They are able to resist sun damage better than conventional rubber caps that become brittle and crack over time. Our nylon caps also come with a metal end plate inside to help them last even longer against repeated collisions with the rollers.

Curtain Library WESO Powder Coated Straight Curtain Tracks

Our WESO Powder Coated Straight Curtain Track’s special mounts can be installed separately from the track and would still be able to hold up the curtains that weigh up to 50kg. They also are able to fit one to two tracks at a time.

Amazed by all the possible curtain tracks for your house but need a hand in choosing the right track? 

Our consultants are the curtain experts you need to help make the decision-making process easier. Feel free to drop us all your home decorating questions and we’ll help find the best system for you.

Or, book an appointment with our consultants for a more one-on-one and immediate guide to finding the right track systems!


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