A Quick Guide for First-Time Curtain Buyers

Curtain Library's Guide For First Time Curtain Buyers

Wondering where to start when it comes to planning for new customised curtains? We got you. Here is the gist of what you need to consider to make sure you get your curtains on time.

If you think planning for your curtains only after you finish your renovations is ok because they’re just for decoration- you’re wrong. In fact, they should be considered way before you determine your ceiling layout plan or before you install your plaster ceiling. If you’re unlucky, you may have to make additional renovations for proper support for your curtain tracks. This is a costly correction that can be easily avoided altogether if you are able to get proper consultation during your initial planning stage. Here’s your essential new curtain buyers guide!

Here are three main things you need to think about when you plan to get curtains for your home, office, or business.

1. The standard procedure for customising new curtains for the home, office or business

Curtain Library's Standard Curtain Customisation Process

Planning for curtains is more than just picking out fabric materials and colours. It is a long process that takes time and patience, making sure your premise is able to actually hold your new curtains.

As a rough estimate, Curtain Library takes about 3-4 weeks from the first appointment down to the installation to deliver high-quality custom made curtains to our customers.  

In special cases where you are planning to move in fast or for property investors who are expecting tenants, we can offer you an express service with minimal charges. And don’t worry, for these special cases, we are still able to deliver fully customised curtains without affecting the quality of workmanship. With express service, our team is able to deliver and install your new curtain within 1 week or less than 2 weeks time.

2. The price range for new tailor-made curtains

When deciding on a new set of tailor-made curtains, price has always been the biggest concern. There are a lot of providers within our industry for you to choose from, so it’s nearly impossible to properly compare and find out about the most reasonable pricing for a brand new set. 

So, we’ve produced an easy-to-read chart to give our customers a rough idea on how much customising a curtain usually costs in Curtain Library and what kind of materials and products you’ll be getting for the order. 

In Curtain Library, we try to make our curtains accessible to as many households or businesses that appreciate well-made curtain sets. Therefore, we usually take into account the scale of the project, how big your premise may be, and what additional services you may want as well.

Curtain Library Tailor-made Curtain Price Guide

The chart above helps guide new curtain buyers like you to decide and plan on how much budget allocation is required for your new curtains.

3. Hire a curtain maker with a wide location coverage area and good customer reviews

It’s highly recommended to engage curtain makers that have a wide coverage service area that also have a good track record in providing excellent services to their past customers. Be wary of engaging with makers that don’t have high recommendations from their past clients as you will be spending a lot of money on your new curtains and you wouldn’t want to have poorly customised curtains for your new home, would you? Every homeowner deserves an experienced team that is able to properly advise them on the curtain customisation process as well as troubleshoot issues as they come. 

That’s why it’s best to check online reviews on Facebook or Google Reviews to really gauge customer feedback towards the company. It’s in these reviews that you will be able to see if the company will charge you an additional delivery fee. For instance, in Curtain Library, we make it a practice to not charge our clients for the distance we go when we do our deliveries. We do this as we are grateful to all our customers and clients that have given us a chance to serve them. Head over to our Google Reviews to see what our past customers have to say about our service!

Currently, Curtain Library serves homeowners within the Klang Valley, Bangi, and Kajang, and commercial clients based within Semenanjung Malaysia.

Curtain Library 5 Stars Google Review

Curtain Library is one of the few curtain providers that are able to maintain a good relationship with all our clients. Here are some of our favourite reviews given to us by our loyal customers.

Photo credit: (Left) Straits Residences, Penang, (Right) Acacia Park, Rawang

We’ve delivered some of our best curtains to many homeowners and commercial clients in many different parts of Malaysia, with no extra charges incurred.

Curtain Library Projects

Head over to our projects page to have a look at how we’ve helped homeowners and commercial clients meet their project deadlines!
Curtain Library’s Projects

All in all, we hope that this guide for new curtain buyers has helped you see that there is more to customising curtains than just picking out fabric materials. As  mentioned earlier, you should be planning for your curtains before you determine your ceiling layout plan or before you install your plaster ceiling. In the case of homes planning for curtains with concealed tracks,  some houses have to use plywood reinforcement behind their plaster ceilings to give these curtain tracks additional support. They will be drilled directly into the plaster ceiling, which must be strong enough to hold the tracks AND the curtains as well.

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Get in touch with our team to find out what’s the best move for planning your curtains.

If you feel like you need more help figuring out the technical specifications to share with your contractors, contact our WhatsApp number (+6019-225 3055) or email us your enquiries at enquiries@curtainlibrary.com. You don’t have to visit our showroom for a simple consultation on the matter.

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