What Happens After I Place A Custom-Made Curtain Order?

Curtain Library Custom Made Curtain Order Guide

Dive behind the scenes into how our team of experts work their magic in making high-quality, elegant curtains that last. 

Apart from its basic functionality, tailor-made curtains play a large role in giving your home its own artistic story– allowing you to fully personalise it to your needs. What makes Curtain Library stand out is our team of industry veterans that make the entire process fully serviced and guided by professionals in interior design– helping you create a functional and stylish masterpiece. Our team of dedicated tailors and designers have served the best international and local hotels, corporate offices, and high-end retail shops. We have also worked with internationally acclaimed designers that introduced to our team new tailoring techniques other workshops are not able to deliver.

Curtain Library's Guide For First Time Curtain Buyers

Looking to place an order for custom-made curtains during the MCO period? Take a look at our guide or get in touch with our team to find out how!
A Quick Guide for First-Time Curtain Buyers

Tailor-Made Curtains by Curtain Library:

The 3-Stage Process After Your Order Has Been Made

Stage 1 – Preparation

Finalising the details and preparing the fabric

Upon receiving an order, our team works out the necessary details for production such as curtain size, header style, and choice of fabric. Our consultants will then arrange an appointment with you to finalise the proper measurements of your curtains before proceeding to the production stage

What are these necessary details that our team of tailors need to prepare for? Have a read of our previous articles to find out.

Stage 2 – Tailoring

Crafting the customised curtains

Once the markings and measurements are up to par with what is required, our team of sewing experts will begin their work in creating your ideal curtain based on the selected header styles and curtain lengths.

Stage 3 – Quality Check

Performing strict inspections on the curtains

All our completed curtains will go through stringent quality control and quality assurance tests to ensure that you only get the best products.

Newly-made curtains will be washed and ironed to get rid of any creases, and depending on your choice of tracks and header styles, an inspection will be done on the track systems before packing them up to be sent over to your home for a complimentary on-site curtain installation.

We will give you a call when your curtains are almost ready!
One week before the estimated project completion date, our consultants will arrange an at-home appointment to set up your curtains to ensure that you get your new custom-made curtains as quickly as possible!

Curtain Library's Curtain Installation Procedure

We also provide curtain installation services, free-of-charge. Read about our procedures, here.
Curtain Library’s Curtain Installation Procedure

Typically, each custom project has an estimated completion time of 3-4 weeks depending on the complication and specifics of the curtains your home needs.

If the order is needed urgently, the Express Service would require at least 4-7 days* to complete the project with an additional minimum charge. 
*Project lead time is subject to stock or fabric availability.

Need help setting up your curtains or want an easy, hassle-free curtain customisation experience? Curtain Library can make that happen for you. Book an appointment, talk to us via Facebook or WhatsApp or email us your enquiries at enquiries@curtainlibrary.com.

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