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Here are some do’s and don’ts in finding the perfect height to hang your curtains at and alternative ways to make the most out of your curtains.

During the curtain planning stage, it’s the responsibility of curtain providers to also properly plan and install your curtains for you. Still, it’s good knowledge to know the basics of curtain track placement to oversee the process better. Your input on what you’d like your room to look like is as important as your interior designer’s or curtain consultant’s after all. The most important thing about this stage is that you don’t want your curtains to look short.

Curtain Library breaks down the essential steps to planning for your curtains and making sure your home is ready for them. You can give our consultants a call for some help, or try it out by yourself first!

1. Your curtain tracks should be installed 10 inches (250mm) above your windows.

Place Your Curtain Tracks About 10 Inches Above Your Window Or Sliding Doors

Don’t let your curtains look squished! Curtains placed too close to your windows make for a terribly tight and short look.

A good rule of thumb for a quick measurement is to place curtain tracks or rods about 10 inches (250mm) above the window. Paired with the right curtain sets, this easily helps make them more elegant. Positioning your curtains too close to the edge of your windows will give them a very squished and poorly designed look. The higher your curtain tracks are from the window, the taller and more well-planned your whole room will look.

2. Make sure your curtain tracks or rods aren’t too narrow.

Add 4-6 Inches On Either Side of Your Window

You need to give your curtain tracks some space! Don’t let inexperienced curtain providers mess up your curtains by installing curtain tracks that aren’t wide enough for your curtains to be fully opened.

One overlooked part in the curtain placement process is in making sure your curtain track are wide enough. You want to avoid making your curtains look too narrow. Adding 4 to 6 inches (100 to 150mm) on either side of your window’s sides will help you find the right length your curtain tracks should be. Ideally, you want the curtains to have enough space to be drawn back fully and not block the light from entering the room. Allowing your curtains to be fully parted and not block out the windows lets your room have sufficient natural light during the day. 

3. Consider mounting your curtain tracks as ceiling-concealed tracks.

Mount Your Curtain Tracks as Ceiling-Concealed Tracks

You don’t have to stick to regular wall-mounted curtains when it comes to styling your home. Ask your curtain provider if they have any ceiling-concealed tracks you could have for your home.

If you’re not satisfied with wall-mounted tracks, a simple and modern way you can solve your curtain track placement issue is to mount it to the ceiling. One customer-favourite style is known as the ceiling concealed tracks style where you hide the tracks within the ceilings by covering them up with ceiling plaster during the renovation stage. Usually, we recommend this method when there’s little to no space on your wall. We also recommend this curtain style to fit with double volume windows, sliding door windows, floor-to-ceiling windows (also known as curtain windows), and other custom window designs. Not only is it a chic and fashionable interior design choice, but it also gives your space a larger-than-life look, giving your home a grander appearance.

Contact Curtain Library For A Free Technical Spec Sheet

There are some specific measurements you need to follow when it comes to installing ceiling concealed curtains. Give our consultants a call to get a technical spec sheet to pass to your contractor when planning for them in advance.

4. Give ceiling-concealed curtain tracks an elegant look by matching sheer and blackout curtains on double curtain tracks.

If you’ve decided to go for ceiling-concealed tracks, you can also opt for a layered look with double tracks. Curtain Library’s heavy-duty mounts are able to carry up to two tracks at a time to support both blackout and sheer curtains. One rising trend in the world of interior design is having sheer and blackout or dimout curtains be hung from a double curtain track system. Not only do you get individual control over the curtains, but you also allow the room access to natural lighting from the outside while still maintaining privacy in your home. 

Match Sheer and Blackout Curtains on Double Curtain Tracks.

You don’t have to stick to single curtain tracks when it comes to customising your curtains. Both of Curtain Library’s regular wall-mounted and ceiling-concealed tracks are strong enough to hold two curtain tracks at a time. Work with your personal curtain consultant to help craft unique curtain combinations for your home.

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5. Upgrade your regular curtain tracks to be motorised curtain tracks

Motorised curtains are the way to go for new homes. It’s where the future is at after all!

If you’re looking for just a little more class to your home, consider upgrading to motorised curtain tracks. Smart curtains give homes a comfy, contemporary look that makes them stand out from the rest. Curtain Library helps homeowners reach that superbly comfy look with our own motorised curtain sets. Our models also come in both wall-mounted and ceiling-concealed configurations.

Our models are silent-pulling and controllable via an app, remote control, and voice. So, while you can choose to manually pull your curtains open and closed, you can also command them to do so from across the room! There’s also an added feature on Curtain Library’s motorised curtain tracks that allows you to schedule your curtains to open and close however you please.

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Pinpointing the right position or placement that best suits your curtain track installation is usually the responsibility of your curtain provider as they know what’s best. Professional curtain makers and consultants have serviced many homes and are able to advise according to the needs of your space. Still, having these five tips in mind while you oversee your curtain tracks installation is important. Knowledge about what makes your interior design elements work allows you to be part of the process and help make your curtains feel truly yours.

Finding the right height for your curtains is a lot easier when you’ve got these tips in mind. But sometimes we could use a little guidance for an easy, hassle-free curtain customisation experience. Curtain Library can make that happen for you. Book an appointment, talk to us via Facebook or WhatsApp or email us your enquiries at

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