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Curtain Library Choose The Right Colours For Curtains

Picking between a range of beautiful curtain colours and patterns can be difficult for some, here’s how our curtain experts do it.

Listen, this step of the made-to-measure curtains experience should be fun, exciting even. It is a chance to get creative and make your rooms something to look forward to entering! However, we understand that having so many options to pick and choose from can be very overwhelming. Still, an everyday homeowner, like you, can figure out what they’d like for their made-to-measure curtains by following these simple rules when choosing the best colour for your curtains.

Here are some golden rules when choosing the right colours and patterns for your rooms.

1. Go with complementary curtain colours to your walls.

How do curtains harmonise a room’s colour? In our Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah project, we chose colours that complement the accent wall (in this case, the wood textured wall panel) in each of their guest rooms that match with the surrounding furniture. We also added grey as the neutralising colour between all the vibrant colours and textures of the room to really tie it all in together.

The easiest way to find the right colour curtains for your curtains is to refer to a colour wheel. By choosing the opposite colour to your wall paint, you create a harmonious accent in your room. It helps draw attention to your curtains- but doesn’t clash or make them disappear into the room. If it helps, usually colours that also match your furniture will help tie the room together.

2. Go for curtains that are one shade lighter or darker than your walls.

Another rule of thumb when it comes to choosing colour is by choosing colours that are a shade lighter or darker than your surrounding walls. This is because curtains can help lighten or darken your room. 

These two photos are taken from the same project, showing the different effects bright or dark curtains can give to your room. Our client wanted a brighter, more lively dining room and a calmer, more sleep-inducing bedroom. We achieved this alone by using white and grey curtains- aren’t they just absolutely gorgeous? 

If you want a room to look more bright, go for beige, light grey, or white curtains. You might be wondering, “Is white a good curtain colour?”, but rest assured they are! With white, you allow sunlight to bounce around the room and keep it feeling fresh. Light or neutral colours, in general, are best used for rooms that get a lot of sun. This is because they can withstand prolonged sun exposure without the risk of fading and stay looking good for longer. 

In contrast, darker colours help tone a room down to something more sophisticated and relaxed. Dark coloured curtains also go well in rooms with white walls as they create a dramatic contrast to the room. Therefore, dark greens, reds, browns, or purple are best reserved for bedrooms or AV rooms.

3. Choose decorative, patterned, or brightly-coloured curtains for grey-themed rooms.

With today’s innovations in the textile industry, we’re seeing better, more vibrant, and lively curtain fabric. Take a chance in using these new designs (and colours) to add more life and personality to the room. A room doesn’t have to feel dull- even if the walls are grey!

The designer behind this project wanted curtains that made the room feel more youthful and fun. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little pop of colour against some textured wallpaper to create some excitement. What a wonder it must be to wake up to this every morning! 

If you’re still indecisive about what’s the best colour for your home curtains, get a consultant to guide you through the curtain customisation process!

Curtain Library’s team of curtain consultants guide homeowners through the curtain customisation experience, every step of the way. We help set up your appointment times, plan around your project timeline, and find high-quality fabric.

“I would really like to say thank you to Curtain Library because they really really helped me choose the right colour and the right texture.“ – Ms Mahima

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There’s no harm in getting some help with selecting the best colour for your home curtains. Having an expert help you narrow down what goes well with your room’s interiors is part of the made-to-measure curtain experience after all. In Curtain Library, our experts have pieced together a few collections you can work through with us. If you have any new ideas, we’re the people that can help you find a way to make them come true.

Curtain Library’s consultants work with many hotels, showrooms, and homeowners to explore the right curtain patterns and colours for their rooms. Our services help each client find the most suitable look that pops and impresses their guests.

Interested in Curtain Library’s well-rounded curtain services? Chat with our team via WhatsApp (+6019-225 3055) or email us your enquiries at You don’t have to visit our showroom for a simple consultation on the matter.

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