Delivering Top-Quality Curtains For High-End Homes

Curtain Library Delivering Top-Quality Curtains For High-End Home

In a joint collaboration between Curtain Library and Ooi Design & Associates, we designed and furnished Dato’ Jimmy Choo’s new home.

Curtain Library Team & Dato' Jimmy Choo

Working with a world-class team is always a pleasure. Thank you Ooi Design & Associates for having us on your team.

When it comes to creating high-quality, luxurious curtains, Curtain Library is the top choice for world-class designers such as Dato’ Jimmy Choo. We serve as an industry staple for many homes, hotels, and businesses that want to stand out from the rest. Thanks to our good graces with local and international designers alike, we’ve been given the opportunity to furnish the new home of Dato’ Jimmy Choo!

Let’s have a look at what some of Curtain Library’s contributions to the project were.

We are grateful to our collaborators Ooi Design & Associates for giving Jimmy Choo’s new home a luxurious new look with us.

Curtain Library & Dato' Jimmy Choo Appreciation Collaboration

Dato’ Jimmy Choo gave us a parting gift of his signature on our curtain fabric samples as a congratulation for a good job! Our Managing Director, Benson Ng happily displays this fabric sample in our office for all to see.

In this project, Curtain Library set up blinds, curtains, and wallpaper to the key interiors of the home. We are so grateful to be part of the world-class designer’s latest home project. By blessing us with the opportunity to advise and plan this home, we were allowed the opportunity to provide our best-curated collections of soft furnishings, wallpapers, and window treatments.

Take a closer look!

Curtain Library Dato' Jimmy Choo's New Home Living Room

Classy, simple, elegant curtains to greet guests and invite them into the home.

Curtain Library Dato' Jimmy Choo's New Home Office

The concept for this new home was simple, create a space that a career-driven person, such as Dato’ Jimmy Choo, would go to as a way to destress or get into the flow of work.

Simple, clean, and easy-to-maintain blinds that adjust the amount of light and privacy allow to into your home.

Thick, high-quality bedroom curtains with a unique texture that turns a bedroom into a hotel guest room.

Thank you for the opportunity in giving your home a luxury makeover fit for a world-class designer like yourself, Dato’ Jimmy Choo! We hope to continue serving many designers, homeowners, and business owners the best made-to-measure curtains they can find.

You can have high-quality, designer curtains like Dato’ Jimmy Choo for your home, too. 

Curtain Library is working towards helping everyday homeowners discover the joys and elegance well-made curtains can bring to a home. Book a free appointment with our consultants today to find the right designs for you!

Chat with our team via WhatsApp (+6019-225 3055) or email us your enquiries at You don’t have to visit our showroom for a simple consultation on the matter.

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