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Curtain Library How To Find Curtain Maker

Browsing online for quality curtain makers but not sure who to engage with? Here’s how to survey and decide on a good curtain maker.

Selecting the right curtain maker to make quality curtains for your home is as simple as doing a background check. By getting to know more about a vendor based on their past projects, customer reviews, and range of services, you can pinpoint how experienced they are in delivering top-quality custom curtains for your homes or offices.

5 things to consider when engaging with curtain makers and tailors for your made-to-measure curtains.

1. Engage with experienced curtain consultants that know the in’s and out’s of curtains.

Saw some advertisements for 3 metres 100% blackout curtains for only RM700? It’s not wrong to go looking for a good deal, but make sure your salesperson is able to give you a thorough explanation of the type of fabric material to expect.  Not all fabric types are able to block out the light as well as good-quality blackout curtains. If you’re unlucky, you might find out that your curtains only really dim out the room- still allowing light to seep in from the outside. By then, it would be too late for you to change the fabric or get it fixed!

Curtain Library Curtain Maker's Client Comment

This netizen felt like the salesperson of company A was not entirely transparent in presenting curtains to them. Instead of the 100% blackout curtain they were promised, the netizen noticed they were just regular dimout curtains! When confronted about the issue, the salesperson backtracked on their promise of selling 100% blackout curtains and stopped responding entirely. However, to make mistakes is to be human, it is likely that the salesperson was new to the job and might have made a mistake during the consultation or fabric sourcing stage of the project. Therefore, make sure the person you are talking to is able to answer all your questions during the consultation stage.

Curtain Library Guide to Blackout Curtains

Do your research before a consultation! Get to know more about blackout curtains here.
Everything You Need to Know About Blackout Curtains.

So, instead of hopping onto the first sale you see, do your homework as a customer and look through a few curtain makers at a time. By listing out what every curtain maker offers, you get to estimate the appropriate price, quality, and services to expect for your new curtains.

2. Have a look at your curtain maker’s portfolio for a wide variety of clients.

Ideally, we advise any curtain buyer to get curtains that are made to last, and not just for show. You can find out the quality of a curtain maker’s workmanship simply by browsing through their past projects. Curtain makers who have served clients from commercial, residential or hospitality sectors are more likely to give you quality work. This means their services are trusted by world-class hotels and everyday homeowners alike.

Curtain Library's Project

It’s best to get your curtains from trusted vendors with a history of commercial and residential projects. View more of our curtains at our past projects page.

3. Look out for what people are saying about a curtain company’s service.

It’s always good to have a look at the reviews available to know what real customers have to say about their customer experience. Through this practice, you find out what you should expect when going into consultation, ranging from product quality to installation and aftersales service.

In the past, the curtain tailoring business relied more on word-of-mouth recommendations. But as of this digital era, you can still browse through reviews from a wider range of customers and make a fair judgement for yourself based on what you find.

The most effective way in figuring out the quality of the service of a curtain maker is to hear what their customers have to say. Ms Mahima was thoroughly impressed by Curtain Library’s attentiveness and eagerness to share our love for curtains with her. She also appreciates our guidance in choosing the right curtain colours and design for her home, despite feeling at lost for what’s appropriate for her.

“I’m in love with the curtains.” – Ms Mahima

The most effective way in figuring out a curtain maker’s quality of service is to hear what their customers have to say. Ms Yen Lee is a fan of Curtain Library’s attention-to-detail when it comes to helping our clients find the perfect curtains that fit their unique tastes and personalities. For her, she loves how we’re able to guide her on picking the most perfectly stylish, simple, and beautiful curtains that match the colours of her home.

“Curtain Library’s services are superb, I love it.” – Ms Yen Lee

4. Consider looking for all-inclusive curtain services.

Putting up curtains is quite a hassle and isn’t a one-person job, get a team that can handle the logistics of your curtain project! If you’re setting up new curtains for a new home, it’s best to engage with experienced providers who are able to provide a full range of services from consultation to onsite installation appointments in your home.

Curtain Library's Showroom SOP

Curtain Library is an SOP-compliant curtain provider. Your safety when entering using our services is important and we make it our goal to still provide a 5-Star service despite any restriction.

Curtain Library's Advices & Guide

As the experts in curtain making and selling, we’ve come up with a few articles to help homeowners plan for their made-to-measure curtains. Head over to our blog for more info! Advice and Guides

You can trust Curtain Library to give you a 5-Star curtain customising experience.

To us, curtain making and selling are more than just making the sale. Curtain Library’s consultants are trained to provide the most accurate and fair pitch to clients about the type of material they use for their curtains. We believe that homeowners deserve to receive the same level of attention to detail and professionalism we provide to our hotel clients. 

Interested in Curtain Library’s well-rounded curtain services? Chat with our team via WhatsApp (+6019-225 3055) or email us your enquiries at You don’t have to visit our showroom for a simple consultation on the matter.

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