Transform Your Favourite Curtains into Smart, Motorised Curtains

Curtain Library Transforming Your Curtains into Motorised Curtains

Modernise your home without getting rid of your beloved old curtain sets.

If you’re online enough, you may have come across some ads or videos that show off the grandeur of smart motorised curtains. In fact, you’re probably looking for a way to achieve the same level of elegance without actually throwing out your existing curtain set. Here’s the secret, you really can just upgrade your curtains by switching up your tracks.

Rest assured, swapping out your regular tracks for motorised curtains is simpler than you think!

1. Turn your existing curtains into motorised curtains within an hour

It only takes 1-hour tops to get your motorised curtains up and running! Upgrading household curtain tracks to smart curtains is a simple installation process. In Curtain Library, it’s made easy with our special mounting design that speeds up the installation process by giving our tracks a snap-on feature. In fact, installing a motorised curtain track is arguably way easier than installing regular curtain tracks.

Curtains Library Switch Your Curtains Into Motorised Curtains

 Want to get your curtains motorised? Our on-site team guarantees each motorised tracks installation should take no more than 60 minutes!

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Once your motorised curtains have been installed and connected to your smart systems app or smart speaker, all you need to do is sit back, and command your curtains open and closed. They are fully personalised to fit your needs for natural light and privacy.

2. Yes, you can reuse your existing curtains for your motorised tracks

A major misconception homeowners have when it comes to upgrading to a motorised curtain track is that they have to come with a new curtain set. The concern comes from the worry that their regular curtain’s hooks can’t be used in the tracks. This is absolutely NOT true. Motorised curtain tracks are compatible with most header styles that use a track system.

Take our Kirov Motorised Curtains for example, the tracks system has been thoroughly tested and tweaked to be able to support most household curtains, regardless of their header styles. All you need to do is swap out the hooks of your existing curtains to the ones used by the motorised tracks. These hooks will be provided by the Curtain Library team.

Curtain Library Motorised Curtains Are Compatible With Most Curtain Styles And Headers

Our motorised curtain tracks are compatible with most curtain styles and headers and can easily accommodate the designs of your existing curtains.

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3. Kirov Motorised Curtains are customisable to be wider or shorter according to your windows and curtain’s size

Have curtains that come in varying lengths and fit unconventional windows? Don’t worry about it, it’s not an issue. The motorised curtain tracks provided by Curtain Library are customisable to fit bay windows, corner windows, custom wide-fit windows, and more!

Kirov Motorised Curtains uses a modular tracks system that can be made wider with the use of joiners, or shortened back in our factory before we come in for our on-site installation. Usually, the length of each window is measured by our technicians during the first appointment. From there, our curtain expert will give you a rough estimate of how long the tracks should be, as well as how much the whole operation might cost.

We’ve worked with and designed for many world-class hotels and high-end luxury condos to come up with the right size and shape for their motorised curtains that are easily adjustable even after installation. These special projects feature windows and tracks of many types ranging from curved to angled tracks.

We should inform you that slight amendments might need to be made to your existing curtains in terms of their height. This can be further explored when our on-site team comes in to install your new motorised curtain tracks and help you with your initial set up. 

4. We provide flexible installation options for battery or power-operated motorised curtains

Here’s some news to homeowners looking to upgrade their tracks, you don’t actually have to hack at your walls or deal with complicated wiring. The motorised curtain tracks provided by Curtain Library have battery and power-operated options that are designed for different set up situations. 

For example, if you’re just looking to set up your tracks without making major renovations to your rooms, we recommend that you use our battery-operated tracks. The seamless and discreet design of the motor hides the rechargeable battery behind the tracks, and stays functional even during a blackout. For our power-operated models, it’s best to install them during renovation projects where you can get your contractor to integrate the motorised curtain’s wiring into your electrical system. 

Curtain Library Battery and Power Operated Motors

Flexible models to fit your needs and capabilities during your upgrade. No need for a dilemma when it comes to giving your home a full renovation or just having Curtain Library’s on-site team set up a simple motorised system for you. Small upgrades are meant to be easy-peasy.

Ready to make the small upgrade your home needs to bring a little more life into your life? Curtain Library is here to help make that happen. 

We’re the experts in all things curtain related and have customised numerous motorised curtain tracks to retailers, homeowners, and hotel rooms alike. In our projects, we were able to deliver a quick and hassle-free service to our clients because of our easy-to-install systems. In our home projects, we were able to get our tracks set up and good-to-go within an hour. And remember, you don’t have to get rid of your existing curtains just because you need a new upgrade to your tracks. 

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Get in touch with our team to find out how you can transform your existing curtains and give them a new life, here!

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