Stylish & Modern Hotel-Grade Curtains for the Home

Curtain Library Stylish & Modern Hotel-Grade Curtains for the Home

Looking for a way to give home a more exclusive and elegant atmosphere with a new curtain set or two? We’ve curated a hotel-favorite collection just for you!

There’s nothing quite like the touch of bespoke curtains made with top-quality materials, especially when they’re also easy to maintain! Each year, Curtain Library comes up with a few collections to make the curtain customization process easier for homeowners. Our Travis Collection just so happens to be one of them.

Here’s how Curtain Library Travis Collection brings hotel perfection to bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, and more.

1. Travis Collection curtains provide rooms with better insulation from noise, light, and heat throughout the day and night. 

When it comes to finding the right curtain materials, think about adding noise cancellation, light and heat blocking qualities. Travis Collection uses an up-to-90%-blackout fabric material that provides rooms with a comfy and quiet atmosphere. Curtains made with this fabric has been a favourite amongst our hotel clientele for their guest rooms.

Curtain Library Stylish & Modern Hotel-Grade Curtains for the Home

Curtain Library Travis Collection curtains can be found in both luxury hotels and condos alike and have received praise for helping them impress guests as they come.

By using curtains from this collection, you allow yourself a good night’s rest and perfect relaxation, almost like you’re in a world-class hotel!

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2. Curtains that stay effortlessly neat, perfect, and wrinkle-free with little to no effort.

The fabric material we use for our Travis Collection curtains is 100% polyester. We choose this material as it is easy to maintain and anti-wrinkling. That means your curtains will stay looking sharp.

Polyester curtains are also good additions to the home for people with allergies to dust, mites, or animal dander. This is because polyester is made resistant to dust, stains, and mould. 

Curtain Library Guide to Choosing the Best Type of Fabric for Your Curtains - Polyester

Polyester fabric is able to mimic the textures and patterns of other fabric types. This allows homeowners, like you, to choose from a wide variety of styles for your home. 

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3. Designer curtains with everlasting designs that don’t fade, shrink, or pill even after a few washes.

A rule of thumb when it comes to caring for your curtains is to get them cleaned at least once every six months. Because they stay stagnant for most of their lifespan, they end up being very dusty over time. Hotels are able to provide guests with fresh and clean curtains with each staycation because of the manpower and resources they have. However, at home, it’s usually just you and one other helper. 

Travis Collection curtains are picked specifically to let homeowners have an easier time maintaining their curtains. Not only are they able to prevent stains from spills, but these curtains are also able to resist the usual wear and tear you get from washing them. This is because polyester is designed to stay the same even as it ages or gets washed. Unlike cotton or linen that require extra care. 

4. Curtains that come in an amazing range of colours to suit any room’s personality.

Curtain Library Stylish & Modern Hotel-Grade Curtains for the Home

When it comes to curtains, making sure they match a room’s overall colour scheme helps make it more lively and better integrated.

Curtain Library’s Travis Collection is curated based on the tastes of our previous international and local hotel and residences projects. Working with the best interior designers the industry has to offer, we designed and furnished the perfect curtains for rooms according to their needs. 

Curtain Library 50% Off Travis Collection

We help homeowners like you simplify the curtain customisation process.

As the go-to curtain experts for internationally and nationally recognised hotels, homestays, showrooms, and luxury homes, we know a thing or two when it comes to quality. With our experienced team of consultants and tailors, we bring world-class comfort and style to your home with all our curated curtain collections. 

Like how our curtains look? Book a free consultation online or in-store to see what’s the best curtain design choice for your home. Chat with our team via WhatsApp (+6019-225 3055) or email us your enquiries at

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