Choosing the Ideal Curtain Length for Your Rooms

Curtain Library Guide to Choosing The Ideal Curtain Length

Experiment with the way you plan your curtains to set the atmosphere of a room

Curtains come in all shapes and sizes depending on the windows or entryways they cover, but sometimes you’ll have to try out different lengths to fit the restrictions of your room. For instance, ceiling to floor curtains can make a room look and feel taller, more elegant, while puddle curtains can make a room feel warmer and cozier. However, if you plan to place big furniture near the window, this feature might not fit your room’s look. 

Here are 4 curtain length types that set the atmosphere for your rooms.

1. Get ceiling to floor length curtains for a modern, sophisticated look.

The Glades Ceiling to Floor Curtains from Curtain Library by Crystalace

Ceiling-to-floor sheer curtains for windows that make up the walls of your unit creates a heavenly look to the home. This set up allows the room to change throughout the day, following the sun as it rises and sets.

Looking for a way to add more class to your rooms at home? Plan for long, ceiling-to-floor curtains to be fitted into your home. Curtains of this type are best held up with ceiling-concealed tracks that give your windows a waterfall effect as they hang from the ceilings and stretch all the way to the floor. They are great for rooms with high ceilings, double volume windows, or even regular windows. 

Curtain Library Ceiling to Floor Curtains for 222 Residence

A well-designed dining room with elegant ceiling-to-floor curtains will surely set the scene for a great indoor meal and special family time spent in style. It really helps your household have a modern chic look.

2. Choose a standard curtain length that’s just as tall as your windows for a traditional look.

Regular wall-mounted curtains are best suited for rooms that don’t need especially long curtains. They can be paired with a valence or faux-wall to make them look like ceiling-to-floor curtains, too.

Standard curtain lengths are just slightly wider or taller than your windows and are hung up with regular wall-mounted tracks. When paired with blackout and sheer curtain sets, they give shared spaces a full and insulated room.

They are known as floor-length curtains that give rooms the fullness they need and are best furnished at sliding glass doors or balcony gate areas. They are usually as tall and wide as the area they cover and can be parted to give the room full morning sunlight in the morning, air the room, and be adjusted according to the needs of occupants throughout the day. They are most suitable for couple’s bedrooms, living rooms, A/V rooms, and social rooms. 

3. For more flair, plan for curtains that are long enough to collect or bunch up at the base of your windows.

Puddle curtains are designed to be long enough to drape and gather on the floor. They give rooms a comfy, sleepy atmosphere as though they were long pyjamas being dragged across the room. Paired with beige or light-tone colours, you get a beautiful Nordic-inspired bedroom design. If you’ve got a taste for darker colours, puddle curtains can help you achieve a more maximalist dining room look. 

Puddle curtains essentially give rooms a smoother look, almost gliding along the sill to let light stream into the room, or hide them with a little bit of flair.
Right Image via Thomas Sanderson

4. Simple and practical window-length curtains that hang right at the window sill.

Apron curtains might not be a popular choice among our pool of clients, but they are a good enough choice when you have certain restrictions in your room.

Images via Thomas Sanderson

Curtain Library for Royale Bintang Hotel Curtain Length

Judging by the needs of your space, you might be surprised at what wonders your apron curtains can give you! While simple in concept, double-volume apron curtains can still give homes a royal, grand look depending on your preferred header style and materials that you use.

Sometimes, less is more. If your kitchen, study, or bedroom areas use furniture that stays close to the walls and just below the windows, it is best to plan for simple apron curtains. These accessible curtains are easy to open and close and hang right at the sill so your pets or young children wouldn’t get to them easily. They can also be placed at kitchens, study rooms, or whichever room that needs to be aired out throughout the day.

Planning for curtains is easier when you know what makes a room come to life. Read more tips and tricks our team has prepared for you!

Sometimes you’ve got a room layout that’s a little difficult to plan your curtains around. The problem may be furniture that’s placed too near the window or you just can’t imagine how the length of your curtains might look when put up. It really takes a guided and experienced person to assist you in giving your home a stylish and comfortable atmosphere. 

If you need a more tailored customisation experience, Curtain Library provides homeowners with the best custom curtain consultation for bespoke curtains unique to each client. Our team of dedicated consultants have worked with local and international interior designers and know what’s best suited for all our client’s homes.

What’s the ideal curtain height, and how to put them up the right way? Here are a few neat tips & tricks brought to you by managing director Benson Ng. Discover more useful curtain tips from us on Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram.

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