Top 3 Curtain Header Trends in 2023

Curtain Library Article Top 3 Curtain Header Trends In 2023

Giving your home the makeover it needs? Don’t forget to consider curtain headers that match your ceiling style and interior design.

It’s 2023, and there have never been more types of curtain headers available in the market in history than now. This may be a good thing if you’re in the field of interior design – but curtain headers aren’t something you can pick, choose, discard, or change at your whims and fancy (unless, of course, you have the budget). The abundance of choices could be difficult for you to decide on the right curtain header for your home makeover. Lucky for you, our team of consultants took note of the rising trend of these curtain headers; and this selection represents the most popular choices among our customers, in tune with the curtain header trends of 2023. 

So, take this guide as a starting point for you to decide on your curtain header. Here are our top 3 picks for you.

The Double Pleat curtain header is the classic choice for most homemakers and interior designers across all kinds of design preferences.

Double pleat curtain headers are a classic – they look great at home, in the office, in ballrooms and halls, you name it. Favoured by both commercial and residential building owners, the double pleat is highly praised for its versatility not only in application but also in fabric types, designs, and room heights. It is also widely used in both contemporary and traditional homes, no matter the culture. 

What makes the double pleat so popular? Well, people opt for the double pleat because it is one of the easiest curtain header types to maintain and install. After the curtains are washed, they can be hooked back onto the track easily.

The double-pleat curtain drapes beautifully on windows and ceilings of any height.

The Most Elegant Curtain Header – The Ripplefold Pleat

The neatness and consistency of the fold is the most appealing trait for the ripplefold pleat curtain header.

Ripplefold pleats make a great choice for your home if you prefer neatness and consistency in your curtain drapes. Easily differentiated from the double-pleat curtains, the ripplefold pleats are designed in a way that the curtain fabric folds and slides onto itself, thus curtains can be quickly and easily opened and closed without any wrinkles or sagging.

This elegant curtain header offers more fullness compared to other curtain header types since ripplefold pleat curtains do not gather together on the upper portion like most other types of curtains do when tied up. Thus, the ripplefold pleat gives your windows a more finished look and can add elegance to any room. 

Expert tip: The ripplefold pleat curtain header is rising in popularity in the market, catching up to the double pleat.

The ripplefold pleat curtain header is ideal for homeowners who want to introduce elegance in their space.

The Most Contemporary Curtain Header – Eyelets Design

 Eyelets curtain headers offer unparalleled versatility in design for the curtain fabric, eyelets, and curtain rods – all of which are customizable according to taste.

The eyelet design curtain header, like its namesake, relies on either metal or wooden rings called grommets on the edge of the curtain fabric to be held up, instead of using hooks like other curtain types. This curtain type comes with an added advantage; to further style these curtains on top of its designer curtain type and fabric, a decorative curtain rod can be threaded through the ring.

This style of curtain header is very popular among our clients who are looking for a more retro look or to add a touch of novelty to their contemporary interior design. With every part of the eyelet curtain being customizable; from curtain fabric to the eyelets and the rods, this curtain offers many unique ways for you to bring out the best of your space.

Eyelet curtain header designs are very popular choices for commercial and retail spaces, as well as residential homes.


Now that we’ve highlighted the distinctions and advantages of our top 3 curtain header types, we hope this information guides you as you research and ideate for your curtains in 2023, considering the latest curtain header trends.

If you would like to speak with our team of curtain design experts for their professional input, just drop us a message and we’ll get back to you right away.

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