The Best Curtains & Blinds for Offices and Retail Spaces

Curtain Library The Best Curtain Blinds For Offices And Retail Spaces

The right selection of curtain type and blinds for commercial use can elevate the professional image of your business.

Choosing the right curtains or blinds can make or break your overall aesthetics when it comes to commercial decors for offices and retail spaces. Not only do curtains and blinds serve as the backdrop and foundation of the commercial space interior, but they also address the following functions;

1. Light Control

Curtains allow you to control how much natural light enters your space, which is crucial in reducing glare, regulating temperature, and saving energy costs.

2. Privacy

Curtains improve a sense of privacy for conference rooms, offices, and other private areas of your business.

3. Noise Reduction

The right curtains can significantly reduce noise levels, optimising your space for maximum comfort and productivity.

4. Branding

Custom curtains can be designed to meet the branding requirements of your business or brand, adding a touch of professionalism and reinforcing your brand identity.

In this article, you’ll be exposed to the various types of curtains and blinds best suited for offices and retail spaces, and how to choose the right one to suit your needs.

The Best Curtain Types for Commercial Spaces

Some of the factors you should consider when choosing curtains for business spaces are durability, ease of maintenance, and style. Here, we have shortlisted the most popular curtain styles that are the go-to selection for commercial spaces.

A. Blackout Curtains

Like their namesake, blackout curtains are designed to completely block out natural light from entering the space. This property makes them ideal for conference rooms and halls where presentations are held, and interior lighting engineering is paramount to the success of the events held in the space.

Curtain Library Blinds Signature Showroom

Minimize distractions and create a peaceful ambience with blackout curtains in your commercial halls, rooms, and spaces. 

B. Dimout Curtains

Unlike blackout curtains, dimout curtains are designed to block only up to 90% of the light from entering the room. This makes dimout curtains an ideal choice for use as space dividers in larger settings, such as hospitals and offices. Also applicable in retail spaces, dimout curtains are increasing in popularity as dividers – one of these examples is our client from Louis Vuitton KL Flagship Store, Starhill Gallery.

Curtain Library Blinds Louis Viutton

Dimout curtains offer a balance of privacy and light filtration, making them a great choice for retail shops with windows

C. Sheer Curtains

These curtains allow natural light to enter your space while still providing privacy, thus making them suitable for offices or retail shops aiming to create an inviting and airy environment. Sheer curtains are popularly used in business spaces that have windows facing beautiful sceneries such as greeneries and waterfronts. This way, business owners can ensure privacy without compromising the natural beauty offered by real estate.

Curtain Library Blinds Sierramas Sungai Buloh

 Enhance the professional look of your office or retail shop with a sophisticated combination of sheer curtains.

D. Ringlet Curtains

These curtains have metal rings lined proportionately along the top, making them easy to slide open and close. For a more conventional approach, our client from Addidas  1Utama installed hotel-grade ringlet curtains in the fitting room for their outlet. Not only is this curtain type much easier to pull open and close shut, but it also offers a different approach to make their outlet stand out in the mall when it comes to the physical retail experience.

Upgrade your professional space with an elegant touch of customised ringlet header curtains.

The Best Blinds for Commercial Spaces

When selecting blinds for your office or retail shop, consider factors such as durability, ease of use, and privacy. Here are some popular types of blinds for commercial spaces:

E. Zebra Blinds

These blinds make a good option for office and retail shops as they offer a modern and sleek look that can enhance the overall aesthetic of the space, no matter the kind of interior design theme of the space. Zebra blinds also provide versatility in light control as the alternating stripes of sheer and solid fabrics allow for different levels of light filtering.

Curtain Library Blinds Tunku Kamariah Serai Bangsar

Zebra blinds offer a mixture of privacy and moderate sunlight blocking with its alternating panels.

F. Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have been around for a long time, and the reason why they are not phasing out anytime soon is due to their simple, easy-to-operate mechanics. The ease of use of roller blinds makes them ideal for busy offices and retail shops. In fact, roller blinds now come in many textures, shapes, sizes, and designs to suit any business needs and aesthetics.

Curtain Library Blinds Setia Eco Templer Rawang

Roller blinds are not only functional, they come in many sleek and stylish designs that can also add a touch of zen or rustic feeling – depending on your preference. 

G. Roman Blinds

These blinds have a classic and elegant look, making them suitable for businesses that want to create a more refined and upscale environment. We highly recommend roman blinds for offices that want to exude a professional, corporate aesthetic – some examples being in the board meeting rooms and C-suite offices.

Perfect for adding privacy and reducing glare while maintaining a professional and sophisticated atmosphere.


When choosing curtains or blinds for offices and retail spaces, not only is it important to consider the overall aesthetic of the space, but also ensure that the curtains provide the correct functionality designed for the purpose you plan to use them for. Now having said that, don’t forget to check out Curtain Library’s wide range of curtains and blinds to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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