2021 Modern Curtain Trends & Ideas by Curtain Library

Dual-Tone curtains & automated Kirov Motorised Curtains are the new way to go for classy homes.

Ready to be the envy of your friends for having the most well-furnished home with up-to-date curtains? Let Curtain Library’s experts swoop in to the rescue with our prediction of what the next big trends for 2021 will be.

Here’s the deal, we’re challenging you to do more than just staying neutral.

Homeowners like to stick to the basics when it comes to picking their curtains. They tend to pick neutral, soft, earthy colours only because it’s a safe choice.  Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE how flexible a grey, beige, or silver curtain can be when styled right. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much when it comes to bringing out your personality! 

“We noticed that in the past few years, the most influential theme in the soft furnishings industry was the concept of minimalism with an earthy twist. It’s a very evergreen look- but a lot of new homeowners want to start exploring patterns and colours now. With a little help from Curtain Library’s consultants, we were able to help guide our clients to make bolder and fashion-forward choices” says Benson Ng, CEO of Curtain Library. 

Instead of the usual muted look, go for something more vibrant, patterned, and future-forward!

1. Get lively, it’s all about the vibrant colours that make a statement.

Curtain Library 222 Residency with vibrant curtains

The best way to reinvent the way you live is by having a lively curtain set that makes you feel energised every time you glance over to them. In the photo taken from our 222 Residency project, we introduced a turquoise look for the master bedroom.

The new curtain trends for 2021 is to switch up the look of your home by injecting a bit of colour- go brighter, go bolder! Gone are the days of curtains that blend into the background, it’s way more exciting to let them take the center stage. Curtain Library’s consultants advise that you look at the existing colour palette in the room and consider colours that will have your curtains make a distinct contrast to really catch someone’s attention when they first enter the room. 

2. Add a little spice with extravagant textures and patterns.

The next big trend we see with the trendiest curtains of 2021, is a curtain set with AMAZING patterns. You see, boldness isn’t limited to just vibrant colours. Our consultants advise that neutral coloured fabric with subtle patterns are able to let curtains look “dressed up”, without coming off as too much. Not only do they look pretty, but they also add texture to the interior of the room. You don’t have to get curtains made of linen or cotton either- new polyester fabrics are able to copy the weave of various traditional fabric too! Not to mention, they are also lightweight enough for you to easily take down for cleaning!

As seen in our Kaleidoscope Setiawangsa Residency and Vista Residences project, a few patterns here and there never hurt anybody and certainly gives the home an elegant and modern touch.

3. Get the best of both worlds with Dual-Tone curtains.

Have a lot of fabric patterns and colours that you simply can’t pick between? It’s not a problem! Honestly, the main thing about the curtain trends for 2021 is that you get to express yourself. You don’t have to stick to just picking bold colours or just picking curtain patterns when you can have both

This trend is something we noticed when more of our clients began requesting for the option to mix and match their favourite fabrics and patterns! This essentially creates a completely unique curtain set that suits their individual personalities and tastes. Internationally, the use of dual-tone fabric is already a widely accepted trendy look for the home.

Left: For this particular KLGCC show unit, Curtain Library tailored a special order of sheer curtains with velvet edges to give their sheers a little more flair! 

Right: This curtain set featuring two separate fabrics is taken from our Helsinki 2021 Collection’s catalogue. We named this set “White Journey”, as its peacock blue, light grey, and striped fabrics best furnish a white-themed room.

4. Kickstart your smart home journey with Kirov Motorised Curtains.

Many of us will be spending more time at home now, so the best thing to go about it is to make it a safe haven for you to live comfortably in. Manually drawing your curtains opened and closed is a thing of the past- it’s time to hop on the smart home trend and add Kirov Motorised Curtains to your home! This is a steadily growing window treatment feature that we’ve noticed within the soft furnishings industry. A lot of our hotel clients and interior designers add motorised curtains to their rooms as they found that the curtains made for a very elegant and opulent feeling. This allows you to adjust the width in which your curtains are left opened at, but you can also set the time of its opening and closing to suit your daily routine!

These silent pulling motorised curtains create a very zen and comfortable experience. The future is now.

Want to find out more about Kirov Motorised Curtains? Click here to learn more!

Let it be said that this article is brought to you by curtain experts with 16 years of experience and counting. We’ve worked with the best designers and tailored for the most prestigious of international hotels, and now we want to serve you. Discover the latest curtain trends for 2021 with us today!

Curtain Library's Helsinki Collection Awarded with Silver Award by MIIP Curtain Library Helsinki Collection Blue Horizon Dimout Curtains Curtain Library Helsinki Collection Summer of Extravagant Dreams Dimout Curtains Curtain Library Helsinki Collection San Marco Dimout Curtains Curtain Library Helsinki Collection Golden Autumn Ginkgo Dimout Curtains Curtain Library Helsinki Collection Gentleman's Estate Dimout Curtains Curtain Library Helsinki Collection Mottled Shadow Dimout Curtains

These are a sneak peek of some catalogue photos from our exclusive Helsinki 2021 Collection.

Our Helsinki Collection has won the Silver Award by the Malaysian Interior Industry Partners Award (MIIP) 2022! We are honoured to receive this acknowledgement for the outstanding fabric quality of Curtain Library’s Helsinki Collection – one of our best-selling curtains and also a top choice among many renowned clients like Jimmy Choo.

That’s why we came up with our Helsinki 2021 Collection of Dual-Tone dimout-with-sheer curtains that allow our clients to mix and match the fabric and patterns that best express their personal styles. We’ve specially curated this set of curtains based on the most popular and fashion-forward patterns that our clients have picked from in the past. Our polyester curtains come in a wide variety of colours such as cyan, mustard, midnight blue and an even wider variety of patterns, ranging from 3D textures, geometric designs, floral prints, and so on! 

We’d also like to kickstart your smart home journey with the new and improved Kirov Motorised Curtains, Curtain Library’s in-house brand for automated tracks. This WiFi-enabled curtain is easy to install and integrate, making it a favourite amongst our luxury condo and bungalow homeowners alike. With just a push of a button, a swipe of your finger, or the command of your voice, your curtains can pull open or closed without you ever having to get off your seat. You can even schedule your curtains to draw themselves during early mornings or evenings!

What are you waiting for? Drop us an enquiry or give us a call at +6 03-7803 1686 to see how you can give your homes the curtain makeover you deserve!

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