How to Measure for New Curtains

Curtain Library's Guide onHow to Measure Curtains

An easy-to-follow 3-step guide to finding the right measurements for your new curtains

Planning for curtains during a pandemic can be hard, but our team at Curtain Library has got you covered. Doesn’t matter if you’ve decided on the type of curtains you want, what you really need for now is a rough estimated cost or budget to allocate for your new curtain. First, you’ll need to know how big your curtains will be. The easiest way to measure for new curtains is by just measuring around the edges of your window frames. For homeowners measuring sliding glass doors or special-design windows, adjust the steps according to your interior needs.

Before we dive into our easy-peasy guide for measuring curtains, we want to remind our customers that in normal circumstances we send our on-site team to homes, offices, and businesses to ensure a hassle-free curtain customisation and planning experience. However, as we are all doing our part in abiding by lockdown rules, we aren’t able to be physically there for you. That’s why we decided to keep it simple and straightforward by sharing this 3-step curtain measurement method.

Curtain Library's Guide to Measuring Curtains

3 easy steps to find the right measurements for new curtains.

Items You Need to Measure Curtains

1. Add 6 inches to either side of your window frame.

Curtain Library's Guide to Measuring Curtains Step 1

Usually, a curtain is about 6 inches wider on either side of the window it fits. So, you should first measure the width of your window. Get a friend or family member to help keep your measuring tape straight as you note down the number. Then, add 6 inches (150mm) to either side of this width. If your window is built close to an adjacent wall, you can choose to add only 4 inches (100mm) to the shorter side.

Pro tip: If you have a laser measuring instrument, set it up for a more accurate measurement of your curtains.

2. Measure from the top edge of your window to the floor.

Curtain Library's Guide to Measuring Curtains Step 2

Next, find the length of your curtains. Reach your tape measurer to the top of your window frame and note down the number that reaches the top of the floor.

2b. If you’re planning for ceiling to floor curtains, measure the length from your ceiling to the floor.

Curtain Library's Guide to Measuring Curtains Step 2b

If you’re planning for curtain tracks that hide in the ceiling, it’s better to note down how tall your ceilings are from the floor.

3. If you have a high ceiling, add 10 inches from the top of your window.

Curtain Library's Guide to Measuring Curtains Step 3

If your room has a high ceiling that is taller than the regular 10 feet (3050mm), it’s best to add 10 inches (250mm) to the length you measured. In regular homes, this is the distance we use to plan and install the curtain tracks or rods. You could also note down how tall your ceiling really is and our consultants will adjust the length of your curtains according to what’s suitable for your home.

Once your done measuring, simply send your measurements to your curtains provider for them to give you a quote and help jumpstart your custom curtain journey. The final price ultimately depends on how you want your curtains to hang or hover over your windows and floor.

What’s the ideal curtain height, and how to put them up the right way? Here are a few neat tips & tricks brought to you by managing director Benson Ng. Discover more useful curtain tips from us on Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram.

Curtain Library's Guide to Measuring Curtains In 3 Easy Steps

We’ve created extensive guides on how to plan and customise your curtains from picking the fabric to choosing the right header styles, to finding the right tracks or rods. Head over to those articles and have a read!

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