How to Choose Curtains for Your Living Room

Curtain Library's guide on how to choose suitable fabrics curtains for living room.

Whether you’re an owner of a SOHO unit, condominium, terrace house, or bungalow – familiarise yourself with these curtain tips to achieve the living room aesthetic of your dreams.

Selecting curtains that match the look of your home, especially your living room, is an important choice when designing an interior that you’ll love now and in the future. Since your living room is where family and friends often gather for a good time, it’s best to invest in high-quality curtains that not only fit your budget but also create a welcoming atmosphere that matches your style and vibes.

Without further ado, here are 5 factors to consider to help you get started with your curtain selection process!

1. What makes a suitable fabric for your home?

When picking your ideal curtains, you must first consider how much light and privacy you want, how much sunlight you’d like to let in, and how all these will impact your living room’s overall mood and style. For example, if you want to manage outdoor light well, thicker fabrics triumph over thinner ones in this sense.

The suitability of fabrics as curtains for your home depends on your personal preference, for example,  whether you’re trying to achieve a clean, bright look or a dimmed-out, romantic ambiance for your home.

Sheer curtains are the ideal choice if you plan to let in lots of natural light while shielding you from harsh direct sun. On the other hand, if you prefer to allow in a little less light but still with some filtering, medium-weight materials like linens would do the job. For those who prefer curtains that completely block out sunlight, go for heavier fabrics with a lining, blackout curtains, or dim-out curtains.

What’s the difference between blackout curtains and dim-out curtains? Find out here:

Consider double-layer curtains for versatile light and privacy control. During the day, tie back blackout or dim-out curtains and use sheer curtains to bring in natural light while maintaining some privacy. This creates a well-lit and airy feel with an elegant touch. In the evening or when you prefer the living room to be darker or dimmer, simply close the blackout or dim-out curtains for complete light blockage and privacy. This way, you get a flexible window treatment idea that suits your different lighting and privacy needs throughout the day!

2. Do you prefer patterns or solid colours?

Both patterns and solid colours on curtains have their own distinct personalities. For those who have an eye for design, you can go bold with integrating patterned curtains to amp up the loudness of your home space.

When choosing curtains, consider your living room’s overall decor. If your living room’s soft furnishings are mostly plain colours, patterned curtains can be a great choice to add visual interest. On the flip side, if your room already has patterned furniture or accessories, solid-coloured curtains can help create balance. You can also aim for a beautiful contrast or match your curtains to your decor. For instance, curtains that blend with your wall colours create a harmonious look, while selecting a contrasting hue can make the curtains a focal point.

Curtain Library Choose The Right Colours For Curtains

Having trouble deciding on your curtain colours? Here’s a guideline for you in selecting the right colour scheme for your curtains:
Choose The Right Colours for Curtains

3. How high is your ceiling?

When you take ceiling height and curtain length into account when designing your curtains, you can create an impression of a more spacious or compact interior.

Here’s a cheat to make your room appear taller – choose floor-length curtains. In the living room especially, we always recommend our clients to go for curtains that reach the floor, even if the windows do not go all the way down. You can consider the various curtain lengths, including:

Short: These curtain lengths typically hang above the floor, creating a more casual and relaxed ambiance in your living space.

Hover: These curtains hang just above the floor – which is the most typical approach as it makes them look tidy and stylish, and also simple to open and close.

Break: Curtains in this style touch the floor and bend slightly at the bottom but don’t create a puddle. They’re typically 1 to 3 inches longer than the floor measurement.

Pool: Drapes that hang this way are 6 to 12 inches longer than the floor measurement and generously pool at the bottom for a more cosy feel.

Curtain Library Guide to Choosing The Ideal Curtain Length

We go into detail on how to choose your ideal curtain length here. Check it out!
Choosing the Ideal Curtain Length for Your Rooms

The higher you hang your curtains, the taller your ceiling will appear, creating the illusion of a more spacious and taller room.

4. How do you want to hang your curtains?

Curtain rods play an important role in improving the look of your windows and the overall design of your living room. That’s why it is all the more essential to pick the right curtain tracks and install your window treatments correctly to enhance your living room’s appearance. There are no right and wrong choices when it comes to curtain rods – it all depends on your style preferences and how you prefer to open and close your curtains. What makes this more exciting is the various available options, such as single or double rods for layering thicker panels with sheers. Moreover, curtain tracks and rods are often available in different materials to match your living room decor.

Curtain Library Types of Curtain Tracks

The figure above shows the types of curtain tracks and rods that Curtain Library provides for all our projects in homes, offices, or businesses.

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5. Always work with a reputable & trustworthy seller.  

We can’t stress this enough – when purchasing new curtains for your living room, it’s crucial to choose a reputable seller.  In today’s era of mass production, more often than not, many homeowners have unintentionally purchased curtains and curtain accessories made from low-quality materials that may not withstand the test of time.

This is where a trusted seller like Curtain Library can truly shine.

A trusted seller typically indicates quality, dependability, and a variety of choices to meet your particular requirements. For example, at Curtain Library, we source our curtains strictly from reliable manufacturers that meet stringent international standards. Moreover, our team of professional designers can provide valuable advice on fabric selections, styles, and customisation possibilities. 

With a reputable and trustworthy curtain company, not only can you access a bigger selection of high-quality curtains, but you are also leveraging the company’s extensive knowledge to make an informed decision as you navigate through the endless sea of options.

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Curtain Library is a team of award-winning curtain experts decorated with countless accolades after years of being in the soft furnishing industry.  Curtain Library has a strong track record of consistently delivering high-quality craftsmanship to our clients within the project time, with superior materials that are durable and withstand the test of time.

We handle every aspect of curtain making, from the logistics of planning for the project timeline to sourcing quality fabric to tailoring to on-site installation. All you need to do is tell us what and when you want your curtains done.


In conclusion, selecting the right curtains for your living room is a crucial design decision that should balance aesthetics, functionality, and personal preferences. With these considerations in mind, you are now ready to start transforming your living space into a cosy and stylish haven!

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