Festive Curtain Design For Year-End Holidays with Curtain Library’s Award-winning Fabrics

Whatever your home deco’s colour theme is for the coming festive season, Curtain Library’s range of 300 fabric types has just the right curtains for you. Here are some home decoration tips that can help you decorate your house during the year-end holidays.

Other than gift shopping and dressing up, one of the major things most people look forward to when it comes to the year-end holidays is redecorating the house, be it swapping out old decorative items for new ones, or changing the fabric themes such as bedsheets, sofa covers, tablecloths, and curtains. What makes it tricky is that not everyone has an eye for design and aesthetics; and sometimes, imagination looks better than reality. Fortunately, if you chose the right curtains to serve as a powerful yet subtle backdrop at home – you are more than halfway there in upping the ante of your home for the holidays. Here are some home decoration tips and ideas to jumpstart your creative genius for the year-end holidays.

1. Bring out the reds.

Curtain library's red curtains for festive season

Red curtains can transform your space with a majestic feeling, but many are hesitant to go bold with their choice of curtain designs. The festive season gives you the perfect excuse to try the designs you’ve always wanted to.

Come Christmas and Chinese New Year, there is no escaping the colour red. Red is ever-present as the dominant hue in the history of festive decorations and shows no sign of going away even in modern festive decorations. Thus, December makes the best time to introduce into your home majestic, bright red curtains that are often thought to be too extravagant for other times of the year. Moreover, Chinese New Year 2023 takes place in January – so it makes a lot of sense to leave those magnificent drapes on at home throughout the months. 

Red curtains are a great way to spice up your living space for a warmer, more joyful atmosphere, on top of serving as the perfect backdrop for your Christmas tree or peach blossom arrangements, not to mention group photos! All in all, red curtains are a key ingredient in your home decor combo to create a sense of grandeur in modern homes. 

2. Complement with neutral colours.

Alternatively, should you wish to place more emphasis on the decorations, accessories, or ornaments due to their exuberant designs, you may consider warm bronze or silver grey curtains for some contrast and to add a warm glow to your living space. Meanwhile, more neutral colours such as beige, grey, and white are great choices of complementary colours for nature-inspired decorations; think leaves, flowers, twigs, feathers, etc. Combined tastefully, you can create a touch of magic or fantasy at home. If switching up your home’s decoration every alternate month isn’t part of your lifestyle, you will be pleased to know that a combination of neutral colours works well all year round, even during festive seasons.

Who said neutral colours can’t be festive? All it takes is a little creativity and inspiration from the right designer and team.

3. Super stylish sparkle and metallics.

Gone are the days when glitters and sparks were just for Christmas. Sequins and sparkles for year-round decorations have been made popular by creatives on social media like Instagram and Pinterest. While sparkling tinsels have been forgotten, the use of silver and gold fabrics remains just as popular in home decoration. Flip through home any home furnishing magazines and you’ll see that curtains with metallic shine are here to stay. If you’re into metallic colours on blinds or curtains, you’ll be enthused to install them on your window to welcome the coming Christmas and Chinese New Year. White cushions and throws are a great addition to a contemporary feel of soft furnishings to coordinate with your curtains.

Metallic-themed curtains are the perfect choice to amp up the exuberance of modern homes like penthouse or condominium units.

4. Choose a fabric with texture and combine different fabric types.

Textures and patterns create depth and introduce a subtle element of design that is appealing to our senses, both visual and tactile. By layering different fabrics such as ​​burnout and jacquard fabrics, where the pattern is woven into the fabric instead of printed or embroidered, you can create an opulent feel that works well in many design styles and is an ideal layering option. Combine velvet, faux fur, and wool in your décor and soft furnishings for a sense of coziness – and your home will be the ultimate glamorous retreat, ideal for curling up and watching Christmas and Chinese New Year films over the holidays. 

Introducing multiple variants of fabrics with the same hue is very effective in giving guests a subtle impression of having a distinguished eye for details.

5. Be bold and get experimental with colours.

The holidays are one of the few times of the year to live, let live, and let loose! Treat your curtains as your artist’s canvas – introduce yellow, blue, purple, or pink to brighten the interior of your home. Colourful fabrics are the best way to bring that feeling of liveliness and vibrance to the interior. Make sure to complement your bright, new curtains with one or two elements in the room that share the exact same hue.

Your home should speak volumes about your personality as well.

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Curtain Library brings a vast selection of fabrics and designs from leading suppliers Book an appointment to see and touch fabric samples – and discover more home decoration tips on how curtains from Curtain Library can transform your home. If you need any help creating a festive look that works all year round, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our customers past, present, and future. Enjoy decorating your home this festive season!

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