Curtain Styling Ideas, Tips, & Trends For 2023


Be the trendsetter among your peers with these curated curtain styling and designs to kick-start a beautiful, brand-new year ahead!

For those of you who had the opportunity to pick out new curtains to match the new year’s theme, you probably already know that choosing the right design can feel somewhat like a gamble; trying to predict whether the pattern or colour you’re most drawn to is still going to be on-trend next year is quite tricky. 

To help you out, our designers have shortlisted these curtain styling trends forecasted to come through in 2023, and are here to stay.

1. Layering with sheer curtains.

Sheer curtains introduce natural light into your space while blocking out visual clutter from the outside world.

More often than not, your living room sets the first impression of your home in the eyes of your guests – and most of the interior design thinking and effort starts here because the living room sets the tone for the rest of your home environment. For homes big and small, sheer curtains have the special ability to grace a space with sophistication and spaciousness. The best part of tailored sheer curtains is that you can easily pair them with other types of curtains or accessories, making the combination look more stunning compared to when they stand alone.

2. Abstract Shapes and Lines.

Abstract motifs on your curtains can bring through your unique personality – if you have an inner artist.

Today’s design-forward prints offer a pop of artsy personality to spaces without taking away the guests’ focus on centerpieces. If you opt for curtain designs that are produced in small batches, you can be sure that your selected design remains contemporary. However, if you want to play on the safe side, there are many options that exude the playfulness you want to achieve with subtle abstract lines or shapes that are scaled back to blend in with the rest of the room. The best thing about abstract motive curtains is that they come in a large variety of shapes, colours, and designs suiting every preference and taste.

3. Blackout Curtains.

Blackout curtains are no longer just a luxury to have when you’re staying at a hotel – it has become a must-have for many modern homes thanks to their special ability to block out the rest of the world and create a safe, tranquil, shut-eye space. The blackout curtain’s dense and thick material will put you to sleep any hour of the day and is best for total privacy while also filtering exterior noise, and reducing energy costs.

Curtain Library compares light penetrating dimout fabric and non-blackout fabric

Unlike conventional curtains, blackout curtains block 100% of light. A cheaper alternative is the dimout curtains that only block up to 90% of light.

4. Ceiling-concealed curtain tracks.

For homes undergoing renovation, consider briefing your contractors to build your plaster ceilings in a way to conceal your curtain tracks.

Installing a ceiling-concealed curtain track is a short-cut, surefire way to achieve a chic and fashionable interior design while giving your space a larger-than-life appearance. We recommend this curtain style for spaces with double-volume windows, sliding door windows, floor-to-ceiling windows (also known as curtain windows), and other custom window designs that blend well with tailor-made curtain designs.

You should also consider upgrading to motorised curtain tracks to complete the ultimate luxurious curtain aesthetics.

Contact Curtain Library For A Free Technical Spec Sheet

Getting started with your first motorised curtain track installation is as easy as texting – drop us a message on WhatsApp and we’ll get right back to you.

Decorate your space with our award-winning Helsinki Collection fabrics.

Curtain Library's Helsinki Collection Awarded with Silver Award by MIIP Curtain Library Helsinki Collection Blue Horizon Dimout Curtains Curtain Library Helsinki Collection Summer of Extravagant Dreams Dimout Curtains Curtain Library Helsinki Collection San Marco Dimout Curtains Curtain Library Helsinki Collection Golden Autumn Ginkgo Dimout Curtains Curtain Library Helsinki Collection Gentleman's Estate Dimout Curtains Curtain Library Helsinki Collection Mottled Shadow Dimout Curtains

To ease your curtain woes, we’ve specially curated this set of curtains based on the most popular and fashion-forward patterns that our top clients have picked. This also allows plenty of room for your creativity to mix and match fabric and patterns that best express your personal taste.


When you know precisely how to stylize your curtains, you will agree with our designers that less is more. It doesn’t take much to give your space the grandeur impression you’re looking for – and certainly it takes way less effort to get our professional designers to work on your home for your next project.

To satisfy your inner designer, here are more reading materials to help you kickstart your journey of getting your new set of curtains:

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