Curtain Colour and Pattern Trends for Your Children’s Rooms

Neutral colour tailor-made curtains by Curtain Library Trends for your children's room

Children’s rooms are sanctuaries where creativity flourishes, and thus demand thoughtful attention to details such as the selection of curtain colours and patterns.

Children’s rooms are magical spaces where imaginations run wild, dreams take flight, and every corner is filled with the promise of adventure. These sanctuaries are more than just places to sleep; they are havens where creativity blossoms, and joy knows no bounds.

One of the key elements in creating the perfect ambiance for your child’s haven is the choice of curtains. Curtains not only serve a practical purpose by controlling light and privacy but also contribute significantly to the overall aesthetics of the room. The right curtain colour and pattern can transform a space, turning it into a whimsical wonderland that reflects your child’s personality and interests.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the latest curtain trends for children’s rooms, by exploring how choices like colours and patterns can enhance the atmosphere of your children’s rooms!

Best Curtain Colours for a Child’s Room

Choosing the right curtain colour is a key part of decorating a kids’ room, and it plays a big role in setting the overall vibe. Curtains aren’t just practical; they also show off your child’s likes and interests. Different colours can bring out specific feelings, adding a personal touch to the room and making it a cozy space that suits your little one’s style. While there are many colours to choose from, here are some timeless ones from the curtain trends for children’s rooms.

1. Blue

The colour blue is one of the curtain trends for children's rooms.

Blue hues can transform your child’s room into a tranquil haven, fostering a soothing and imaginative atmosphere.

Blue curtains, a timeless pick for boys’ rooms, enjoy widespread popularity. Easily complemented by neutrals like beige, blue curtains can truly shine when paired with playful geometric patterns or prints such as stars or dots, introducing a sense of wonder and lighthearted fun into the space.

2. Pink

The colour pink is one of the curtain trends for children's rooms.

One can elevate the charm of girls’ rooms with timeless pink curtains featuring adorable patterns for a delightful touch of tradition and femininity.

Pink curtains are the beloved choice for girls’ rooms, infusing a sense of tradition and cosiness into the space. Best adorned with cute and whimsical patterns, pink curtains transform the room into a haven of sweetness and femininity. Whether it’s subtle florals, playful polka dots, or enchanting motifs, these pink curtains go beyond mere window coverings, becoming a focal point that radiates warmth and character in your little one’s haven.

3. Neutral Colours

Neutral colours offer a timeless and calming look in a child’s room, providing a versatile backdrop for easy decor updates as their preferences evolve.

Neutral colours bring a classic and adaptable look that effortlessly fits with different colour schemes and decor styles. Shades like beige, gray, and white create a calm and soothing vibe in a child’s room, supporting better sleep and relaxation. What’s great is that these neutral tones also provide a versatile background for other decor elements, like colourful bedding, rugs, and wall art, making it easy to refresh the room as your child’s tastes change and develop.

Colour aside, the pattern on the curtains is also important to consider when looking at the curtain trends for children’s rooms. Patterns with shapes and designs can play a role in children’s mental growth, helping them grasp art and geometry, whether with logic or imagination. They also add a personal touch, bring a lively and textured look to the room, enhance visual appeal, and complement the curtain colour, altogether creating a cohesive and pleasant overall look in the space. Here are some ideas for popular curtain patterns for your child’s rooms.

When choosing curtains for children’s rooms, opt for patterns featuring shapes and designs that not only foster mental development but also ignite their imagination, adding a personal and vibrant touch to create a nurturing environment.

1. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are perfect for children’s curtains, as they provide a playful look without seeming overly childish. For young children, stars or dots are all-time favourites, while for teenagers, slightly grown-up stripes and checks are popular.

2. Florals and Natural Prints

Florals and natural prints are experiencing a resurgence in feminine space decor, though they might not be the go-to for a typical boys’ room — unless, of course, the young occupant has shown an interest or talent in the realm of naturalistic intelligence.

3. Stripes and Checks

Slightly grown-up stripes and checks are popular patterns for teenagers’ room curtains, offering a more mature yet still playful aesthetic.


To sum up, curtains play a crucial role in shaping the ambiance of children’s spaces, emphasising the significance of thoughtful colour and pattern choices. The use of bright, bold colours contributes to a lively atmosphere, and geometric patterns are recommended for their playful yet age-appropriate appeal, collectively creating personalised and engaging environments for the young occupants.

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