Curtain Style Recommendations for 2022

Curtain Library Curtain Style Recommendations For 2022

How to style your curtains for a brighter, better, and refreshing new year ahead.

Embrace healthier choices in the new year with our latest curtain trends in 2022.

We spend a lot of time indoors so it’s important to optimise your most frequented places to improve your day-to-day life. Get started by planning for some beautiful new curtains! Some homeowners might keep things simple with beige, grey-coloured curtains for every room, but choosing the right curtains can really set the mood and change the way you live! It has to do with how much light gets let into your room, as well as how easy they are to maintain throughout the year.

Change Your Environment to Boost Your Productivity, Sleep, Focus, and Physical Health.

1. Swap out your old, dusty curtains for vibrant, colourful ones to bring life to your living rooms!

Choosing fun, modern curtains for your living room can really help light to bounce around the room, making it feel fresh and inviting.

Put away curtains that just blend into the background and make bold choices to show off your personal style! When it comes to shared spaces, like your living room, children’s playroom, or general study area, it’s good to brighten it up with exciting patterns and bright colours. Following the curtain trends in 2022, achieving stylish and high-quality vibrant curtains are easier than ever. You can even opt for curtain designs with fun patterns.

Curtain Library Choose The Right Colours For Curtains

Here’s a guide for choosing the right curtain colour for your room.
Choose the Right Colours for Curtains.

2. Set up blackout curtains to get your bedroom dark enough for a good night’s sleep.

By understanding the quality of your curtains, you’re able to improve your sleep quality! For a comfy, cosy, dark and cool room during bedtime, install blackout curtains. Good quality blackout fabric is able to block up to 90% of the light from entering the room while also keeping room temperature and noise levels low. This means a year of better sleep for you and your loved ones.

Curtain Library's Blackout Curtain Block Out Sound & Light During Your Sleep

Keeping the room quiet and dark helps you settle down for bed more easily. Ask a Curtain Library consultant to help plan for quality blackout curtains for your home to enjoy the luxury of good sleep.

Curtain Library's Guide For First Time Curtain Buyers

Learn more about what blackout curtains can do for you.
Everything You Need to Know about Blackout Curtains.

3. Choose dual-tone curtains to inspire focus and productivity.

Getting into the right headspace can be tough when your workspace doesn’t feel quite right. You can make changes by adjusting the lighting situation at home, experimenting with natural light, or changing up the way your furniture is arranged. 

If you’re planning to swap out your curtains in the first place, we recommend having a browse through Curtain Library’s Helsinki Collection to give Dual-Toned curtains a try! On top of fun colours, our range of curtains also come in fun textures that can be mixed and matched according to what inspires you.

Dato' Jimmy Choo's New Home Office Outlook with Curtain Library's Tailor-Made Curtain

Our dimout-with-sheer curtain sets are a good choice for study rooms, home offices, and children’s rooms as well. After working with numerous world-class designers, Curtain Library knows how to give homes a luxury touch.

4. Use motorised curtains to plan your day!

When planning for your new curtain sets, upgrade them into Motorised Curtains to enjoy the luxury of scheduling your curtains opened and closed according to your daily routine. Such as, to open in the morning for a wake-up call, and to gently glide close at night to get everyone sleepy and ready for bed. 

Curtain Library’s own Kirov Motorised Curtains are WiFi-enabled curtains that are easy to install and integrate into your existing smart home systems or just to kickstart your journey! With just a push of a button, a swipe of your finger, or the command of your voice, your curtains can pull open or close without you ever having to get off your seat. 

Using the light as your environmental cue throughout the day helps you keep track of the time and lets you to move between tasks easily.

Let Curtain Library’s experts help you plan a healthier home environment with our Helsinki Collection!

Our Helsinki Collection has won the Silver Award by the Malaysian Interior Industry Partners Award (MIIP) 2022! We are honoured to receive this acknowledgement for the outstanding fabric quality of Curtain Library’s Helsinki Collection – one of our best-selling curtains and also a top choice among many renowned clients like Jimmy Choo.

Curtain Library's Helsinki Collection Awarded with Silver Award by MIIP Curtain Library's Best 2022 Helsinki Collection Curtain Library's Best 2022 Helsinki Collection Curtain Library's Best 2022 Helsinki Collection Curtain Library's Best 2022 Helsinki Collection Curtain Library's Best 2022 Helsinki Collection Curtain Library's Best 2022 Helsinki Collection

From our numerous projects with world-class designers and high-end hotels, our curtain experts have learnt a thing or two when it comes to helping our clients customise their curtain sets. Stay ahead in the world of curtain trends with Curtain Library’s trendsetting options in 2022. Browse through our Helsinki 2021 Collection of Dual-Tone dimout-with-sheer curtains to have a go at mixing and matching your favourite colours and patterns!

Our polyester curtains come in a wide variety of colours such as cyan, mustard, midnight blue and an even wider variety of patterns, ranging from 3D textures, geometric designs, floral prints, and so on! They are also made of easy-to-maintain materials that don’t trap allergy-inducing particles like dust or animal dander. 

Chat with our team via WhatsApp (+6019-225 3055) or email us your enquiries at to customise your 2022 dream curtains!

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