4 Common Problems Faced by Bungalow Owners with Double-Volume Window Curtains

Common Problems faced by Bungalow Owners with Double-volume Curtains

One of the joys of owning a bungalow is to customise every corner of your unit inside out, bringing forth the building’s own personality and character with your personal touch.

However, as you bring your bungalow to life, as a bungalow owner, you’ve probably got your hands more preoccupied than expected when it comes to the double-volume window curtains.

Here are four (4) most common problems encountered when it comes down to making the right decisions for double-volume window curtains to be installed in your bungalow.

1. The challenges and difficulties in the maintenance of these curtains.

Curtain Library's Double-volume Curtains for Mandarin Oriental Hotel

A beautiful sight to behold in a bungalow, double-volume window curtains are often a challenge to maintain.

Double-volume window curtains can be really tall and heavy, not to mention incredibly heavy to move around. While it provides the perfect look of luxury to up the ante of your bungalow’s elegance – maintenance will become quite the challenge.

We understand your frustrations. That’s why at Curtain Library, we offer motorised curtains that also come with highly durable curtain tracks that can elevate or lower the curtains to your preferred height – so that you can easily reach and remove the curtains. With our motorised curtains, you can also control the opening and closing of your curtains with a remote control or through your smartphone too!

Curtain Library also offers a comprehensive, door-to-door laundry service for your curtains, which includes uninstalling your curtains, cleaning them, and reinstalling them after a professional maintenance. 

Check out reviews by Chef Zam on Curtain Library’s motorised curtains in his bungalow!

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2. Too many designs and fabrics to choose from.

Fabric Collection from Curtain Library

Limit your choices to fabrics that suit your home’s interior design, lifestyle needs, and budget.

Choosing the right curtains is no feat for a beginner as the curtains will become one of the most prominent decors in your space. Not only will the wrong decision turn your space into a designer’s disaster, it’s also going to cost you a lot of money.

If you’re paralyzed with the many choices, leverage Curtain Library’s design expertise to elevate the elegance of your space with our 5-stars, hotel-grade curtain fabrics. Our designers will equip you with the knowledge of this niche and walk you through our library of 3000 types of fabric options and curtain designs for you to choose from that complements the interior design of your bungalows.

Deciding on the Best Fabric Types for Your Curtains by Curtain Library

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Tip: Most bungalow owners will have hired interior designers to customise the space – including walls, floors, and ceilings. If wallpapers with exuberant patterns and prints are used in a space, the curtains should complement the walls with minimalist, subtle features.

3. Black-out or dim-out?

While there is no fixed rule on the usage of black-out or dim-out curtains, we usually advise bungalow owners to install dim-out curtains for windows that are facing natural sceneries, gardens, or swimming pools. 

For sleeping spaces such as bedrooms and guest rooms, it is advisable to install black-out curtains to keep the glaring sunlight out for optimum sleep and rest.

For functional rooms such as home offices and entertainment rooms – you are free to choose fabrics that add character to the space with ‘louder’ designs, or curtains that are aligned with the theme of the interior design.

There’s a time and place for every curtain.

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4. Installation of motorised curtains – can my ceiling keep up with the weight?

Depending on the type of ceiling in your room or space, there are various methods to ensure that the motorised curtains can be installed successfully. For a non-plaster ceiling, you can install the motorised curtain tracks directly to the concrete ceiling. 

 For plaster ceilings, we recommend installing a ceiling box to cover up the motorised curtain tracks. You are also advised to install plywood behind the plaster ceilings as an additional reinforcement. This allows the plaster ceiling to be able to hold the weight of the curtain and tracks. 

At Curtain Library, not only do we customise curtains for your bungalow, we also supply high quality blinds and wallpapers to help our customers enhance the interior design through soft furnishing.

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Check out the curtain installation process at Chef Zam’s bungalow.

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