6 Misconceptions about Motorised Curtains

6 Misconceptions About Motorised Curtains

Worry no more, homemakers! Automated curtains have come a long way from their humble clunky beginnings.

If you’re a homeowner just stepping into the smart home journey, you might be questioning how a motorised curtain would fit into your smart home network. In fact, relatives or friends might have been discouraging you from getting them altogether! You probably heard that “Motorised curtains make loud motor noises!”, or “Smart curtains take up so much space in the home and are such an eyesore!”, or “Motorised curtains and blinds are time wasters because they are so complicated to install”. But rest assured, these claims are fairly outdated.

That’s why Curtain Library’s research and design team put together a quick list clarifying the misconceptions people have about motorised curtains! 

Misconception 1: Motorised curtains have loud motor noises

Motorised curtains have come a long way since the start of the smart home revolution. One of the ways it has improved is through upgrading the motor. For example, Curtain Library’s Kirov Motorised Curtains use a motor that runs only at 35dBs! That means the sound it makes is nothing louder than a soothing hum. 

Not only that, our systems don’t use any energy when they are holding still! This is especially so for our battery-powered motor that only turns on when it is being instructed to glide open or closed.

Our Motorised Curtain Systems Are Softer Than An Electric Toothbrush

Kirov Motorised Curtains sound a little louder than rustling leaves but softer than an electric toothbrush.

Misconception 2: Motorised curtains don’t work once the power or Wi-Fi is out

Motorised curtains are still curtains after all. The curtain-pulling machine would have gone through rigorous testing by a group of engineers to ensure that your product is able to perform well over time. The engineers behind the product would have designed it in a way that is intuitive to your needs as a homeowner.

That being said, you don’t have to worry if you face a power outage in your home or have a Wi-Fi connection problem. During a power outage, your motorised tracks will return to being regular curtain tracks. Similarly, if only your Wi-Fi is out, you can still use your track’s remote control or just pull the curtains open and closed. 

However, if you use a battery-operated curtain, your curtains will still be functional regardless of the two issues. Here at Curtain Library, our Kirov Motorised Curtains have a battery-operated motor that still runs even if your home has a full blackout! This is because the power source of the curtain is independent of your home’s network and relies on the remaining charge left in the battery itself. 

Misconception 3: Motorised curtains can’t carry heavy or tall curtains

As the go-to curtain experts, Curtain Library has worked with numerous world-class hotels in Malaysia as well as well-known international and local designers to come up with beautiful, top-notch window treatments. This is because our tracks are able to withstand the weight of double volume curtains and regular blackout curtains that go up to 50kg! 

Read more about our past projects in delivering Kirov Motorised Curtains at our Desa Park City and Mandarin Oriental Hotel projects!

In our years working with the hotel industry, we found that motorised curtains are their preferred curtain tracks! Not only do they cater to heavy curtains, but they also prevent your curtains from wear and tear damage caused by pulling by slowly gliding the rollers. 

Misconception 4: Motorised curtains are bulky and full of wiring 

No doubt, adding to your home’s electrical wiring system is expected when installing a motorised curtain. That’s why we recommend that our Kirov power-operated motorised curtains be installed during the renovation period for new homeowners! This hides the wiring in the walls seamlessly. 

However, for homeowners that aren’t planning to renovate and are just looking for a simple upgrade, we recommend getting our battery-operated model instead! Unlike what nay-sayers might say, our battery-operated motorised curtains are discreet and looks no different from our power-operated option. In fact, the battery box can be hidden behind your curtain tracks, you only ever need to take it to recharge every 6 months!

Motorised Curtain Systems Can Be Easily Hidden

Discreet, sleek, and modern track designs to complement your home as seen in our Straits Residences project. Kirov Motorised Curtains blend into your home while not drawing too much attention to them. Read more about the different types of tracks you could install for your curtains, here!

Misconception 5: Motorised curtains are difficult to maintain

Maintenance issues in motorised curtains usually happen when dust gets trapped into the nooks and crannies of your machine, rust forming on the metal parts, and the usual wear and tear damages. This might be the case for cheaper and low-tech models, but not for the motorised curtains that we carry. 

Here in Curtain Library, however, we pride ourselves on providing only the best curtain tracks and accessories for your home. Therefore, our motorised curtains are designed to last. The tracks themselves are designed to prevent dust, mould, or rust build up over time. Our Kirov Motorised Curtains, for example, protects the tracks by keeping them covered, keeping dust or moisture from building up fast, while still preventing the motor from overheating.

Curtain Library's Comfort-Guaranteed Kirov Motorised Curtains

Curtain Library provides curtains that give your homes a luxe-living experience!

Misconception 6: You have to get an entirely new set of curtains to go with your motorised tracks

On the contrary, if your existing curtain sets are no older than 5 years and still in mint condition- you only need to upgrade your tracks! Curtains you’ve seen everyday give you a homely sense that deserve a grand finish with motorised tracks. Imagine, your favourite curtains gliding opened and closed at your command. This small tweak is enough to give your home a new look in a subtle manner!

Rest assured that Curtain Library’s consultants deliver only the most satisfaction guaranteed systems for your home!

One such system is our Kirov Motorised Curtains! We pioneer the use of modular motorised curtain tracks that can be easily adjusted to fit the width of your windows (our tracks are adjustable to fit windows that are wider than 4.2m long). Made with aluminium, these tracks are also able to transfer heat away from the motor. The motor itself also has a feature that auto shut-offs if they detect overheating. Rest assured, the motorised curtains we carry are designed to debunk misconceptions of motorised curtains and deliver a satisfaction guaranteed solution.

Get our consultants to help you find the most appropriate motorised curtains for your home.

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