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The Perfect Furnishing For The Perfect Finish

Choose from Malaysia’s top selection of designer curtains, blinds, and wallpaper – all customisable to showcase your personality and taste.

Curtain Library are the curtain experts


Discover a range of gorgeous colours, prints and textures.

Blinds by Curtain Library by Crystalace


Discover our blinds of various styles, materials, and patterns.

Wallpaper from Curtain Library by Crystalace


Discover a range of tasteful wallpaper colours, prints and patterns.

Bringing Luxury & Comfort To Every Home

We pride ourselves in providing premium products and top-notch services, all centred around our ideals that every space deserves a level of comfort and sophistication.

Our Happy Customers

Read about how our satisfied customers transformed their spaces with Curtain Library’s professional services and quality products.

Curtain Library Customer Testimonial From Dato' Jimmy Choo

Thank You, Dato’ Jimmy Choo.

Dato’ Jimmy Choo, Malaysia’s world-class fashion designer invited Curtain Library to be part of his initiative to give back to the design community. In an industry-wide collaboration with high-end furniture makers, designers, and planners, we worked together to showcase the best of our combined skills.

Curtain Choosing Tips with Michael Ang and Alvin Chong

“There are so many beautiful curtains!”

Benson Ng, founder and managing director of Curtain Library, guided local director and actor Michael Ang and singer/actor Alvin Chong in furnishing Michael's home with hotel-grade curtains and blinds. Benson's expertise ensured that Michael's home was transformed into a stylish and comfortable living space.

Choosing Curtain Library's Tailor-made Curtains with Darren

“You can have hotel-grade curtains in your own home”

Darren, a busy talk show host, wanted to turn his home into a smart home for added convenience. He sought advice from Benson Ng, founder and managing director of Curtain Library and his childhood friend. Benson provided valuable insights on how smart controls could simplify Darren's life and helped him make the transformation a reality.

Curtain Library's Testimonial with Boey Leong

"I’m thankful to the team for finding the right curtains for my home."

A firm believer that the soul of a home lies in its curtains, news anchor Boey Leong expressed her gladness that she engaged Curtain Library to find the perfect combination of curtains and blinds with an understated elegance to accentuate her living space.

Curtain Library Customer Testimonial From DJ Mei Yan

DJ Mei Yan's picks Curtain Library as her top choice for quality blinds

When it came down to picking quality blinds for her office, DJ Mei Yan decided to go with Curtain Library. We provide offices with professional and stylish white venetian blinds that last long, even with prolonged exposure to heat or UV-light.

Choosing Curtain Library's Tailor-made Curtains with Mr Naaim

“I’m very satisfied with the service”

Mr. Naaim found the ideal curtains for his new home at Curtain Library. Our wide collection of easy-to-maintain fabrics, colors, and designs met his needs for sun-blocking and no shrinkage after washing. Our knowledgeable consultants recommended double sheer curtains that he was highly satisfied with.

Curtain Library by Crystalace Testimonial By Mr Prakash

“Grade-A services!”

After a thorough discussion during a one-on-one consultation with our curtain expert, Mr Prakash was very satisfied that we were able to advice, customise, and deliver a complete set of silky, contemporary looking set of curtains to match his home’s existing interior design theme and decorations, which was in fact his main concern for switching to a new set of curtains. We were happy to be able to provide sound recommendation and assistance in his decision-making process.

Curtain Library by Crystalace Testimonial By Ms Nadia

“We’ve continued using them for many projects for our houses”

Ms. Nadia is our long-term customer and to date, is still engaging with Curtain Library in her journey of completing numerous projects of her own. Ms Nadia is most satisfied with the wide range of curtain choices Curtain Library provides, our after-sales services, and curtain-washing service.

Curtain Library by Crystalace Testimonial By Ms Sukun

“I am so in love with how the curtains turned out.”

Ms. Sukunthala was looking for a set of neutral toned, yet chic-looking designer curtains. Our professionals assisted her throughout her journey - from fabric selection to design finalising, before ultimately installing the curtains she handpicked to her own taste. Ms Sukunthala was very impressed by Curtain Library’s quick and responsive service, on top of the quality of the curtains that up the ante of her home with an elevated sense of elegance.

Curtain Library Testimonial with Ms Hayati

"The curtain quality is really, really good."

Ms. Hayati, intrigued by Curtain Library’s glowing testimonials, decided to approach the Curtain Library team to browse what we could offer. Much to her delight, she was 100% satisfied with the quality of our curtains and top-notched services.

Curtain Library Customer Testimonial From Mrs Johany

"Totally 100% very satisfied!"

Impressed by Curtain Library’s unique curtain designs, Mrs Johany and her husband reached out to our team to help come up with custom-made motorised curtains and blinds for their home. Compared to other providers, she found our works reasonably priced for the quality services we delivered to them. In her words, she is totally 100% satisfied by our professional and exclusive curtains consultation, tailoring, and installation services.

Curtain Library Customer Testimonial From Ms Aizah

“100% satisfied and thumbs up for curtain library. ”

Ms Aizah found Curtain Library’s service exceptional when it came to our custom-curtain making experience. Not only were the curtains made from top-quality material, but our team provided her with an expert touch. Through our services, we helped her achieve a hotel-exclusive look that’s unique to her personality and tastes.

Curtain Library Customer Testimonial From Ms Mahima

“I’m in love with the curtains. ”

Ms Mahima was thoroughly impressed by Curtain Library’s thorough consultation. Once the curtains were set up, she fell in love with them straight away and plans to have more curtains with us in the future. Through our guidance, we came up with exquisite curtains for her home, impressing all guests that have paid her a visit.

Choosing Curtain Library's Tailor-made Curtains with Mr Ong

“I’m very satisfied with the quality and their service”

Mr. Ong had a great experience working with Curtain Library 12 years ago for his old house, and decided to contact them again for his new home. He was looking for a luxurious quality for his bedroom, living room, kitchen, and toilet. He was very satisfied with the service from the showroom visit where the staff patiently explained different types of curtains to the installation process.

Choosing Curtain Library's Tailor-made Curtains with Vincent Ong

“If you’re looking for designer curtains, definitely look for Curtain Library”

Mr. Vincent Ong was looking for a set of curtains with bold designs and colours to add an exotic flair to his residence. His main criteria when evaluating curtains are the quality and aesthetics of the curtain design. In his own words, he was amazed by Curtain Library’s wide variety of curtain designs and fabric and was highly satisfied with our consultants, who guided him through the creative process of curtain customisation.

Curtain Library Testimonial Mr Jayden

“I think I got really lucky.”

Mr. Jayden was very satisfied with our services and the curtain customisation experience he had when picking out his own designs. As a first-time curtain buyer, he found our consultants very helpful in finding the right curtain designs that matched the needs of his home.

Curtain Library Customer Testimonial From Mr James

“Curtain Library is a fantastic company.”

Mr. James found Curtain Library’s experts very intuitive and helpful when picking the right curtain fabric for his home. Our excellent service and attention-to-detail makes him want to recommend us to his friends and family.

Curtain Library Customer Testimonial From Mrs Johany

"Curtain Library’s services are superb, I love it."

Ms Yen Lee is a fan of Curtain Library’s attention-to-detail when it comes to helping our clients find the perfect curtains that fit their unique tastes and personalities. For her, she loves how we’re able to guide her on picking the most perfectly stylish, simple, and beautiful curtains that match the colours of her home.

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